Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cool Blue.


Hi All, I hope everyone is doing great. It's been such a busy week for me despite the fact that last monday was a holiday. I had some family members over for the weekend and we had so much fun catching up and at the same time doing chores that had been neglected for a long time. I spent some hours reorganizing my closet and finally put away all the winter gear. The month of May has almost come to an end and it is just unbelievable how fast the year is flying by. Finally, the warm weather is here and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest…:-)

This is what I wore to church on sunday; animal prints pencil skirt and a blouse. I did a sneak peak of the outfit in my previous post. It was a very simple outfit but I "glammed" it up by adding a pop of color with my cobalt blue pumps and blue accessories. I derive so much joy dressing up for church and always get excited on sunday mornings. Just like David said; "I am glad when it is time to go to the house of the lord" (Psalm 122: 1). Also, I do not get to wear so much jewelry or color during the week so that is one more reason to get excited on sundays; Woot! Woot!!…:-)

                                                                Blouse: T. J. Maxx
                                                                Bag: Aldo Shoes
                                                                Skirt:   Victoriassecret-Here
                                                                Shoes: Victoriassecret
                                                                Jewelry: Loft
                                                                Bracelet: Target

                                                                     Thanks so much for stopping by.

                                                                                     Beauty Ojo


Sunday, May 25, 2014


Hi Friends, happy holiday weekend. I hope we all are spending quality time with our God and family because those are the most important things in life. I'm getting ready to go to church right now but I wanted to say a quick hi to everyone. I'm thankful to God for his goodness in my life and for my family. This is Baby Zion here; my son born on December 25th last year and he turned 5 months today.   I'm also thankful to you all my friends who stop by to share this space with me and make it all fun and cool. I'll be back again later with my "church outfit of the day"(COOD). See you soon. **Kisses**

See the above post here

                                                                 Thanks so much for stopping by

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Shoe Lovin'

D' Orsay Pumps

Photo Credits: Google

D' Orsay Pumps (pronounced "door-say") are pointed toe pumps (usually) which have cut-out on the side of the shoe revealing the arch of the foot. They can be flat, mid heel or high heel pumps and can have thin straps or bulky straps and buckles. These style of shoes are midway between sandals and pumps and very suitable for the hot summer weather. They look chic and pretty and would look good in any woman's closet.

                                                       Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                     Beauty Ojo

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sneak Peak..

The weather is beautiful in the twin cities today and it is even going to be super gorgeous over the weekend. It feels so exhilirating especially because we went through a very cold and brutal winter. No more layering and hiding under jackets. Now, it's finally time to dress up and wear real color, prints and florals. I picked out my sunday's outfit already and here is a sneaaaaaak peaaaaaak!!!…:-)

                                                                      Psalm 122:1

                                  I was glad when they said to me; "Let us go into the house of the Lord."

                                                              Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                           Beauty Ojo

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Memorial Day Outfit Ideas

From Day to Evening

Hi Friends, Memorial day holiday is just around the corner and since it is a national holiday, most people would be home. There are usually lots of social events planned for this holiday which can include services and family gatherings. Such events usually begin in the day time and end with a nice cocktail party, a picnic, potluck or backyard barbecue in the evening. I made some outfit collages on Polyvore that I would like to share here.



Put on those dress clothes in the morning and switch out some accessories for later in the day or put on those dress shoes  in the morning and kick them off for  low heel "strapy" sandals or flats for later in the evening. We know summer is almost here yet it still feels cold in the evenings especially here in the twin cities so, a jacket or trench coat might be needed. Let's plan to enjoy the day with our family and loved ones.

                                                      Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                   Beauty Ojo

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Beautiful Day

It was a very beautiful day in Minneapolis today; the weather was perfect; sunny, warm and gorgeous. I was in the mood to enjoy the sun and decided to wear a pencil skirt and this zebra prints skirt that I purchased from Macys two summers ago was my first choice. I also wore my newest pointed toe black pumps that I talked about here and used one of my colorful scarfs as a snood; a very simple outfit. Also,  my wig is gone and the dreads are out!..:-)

I had a great time in church today and after the service, hubby and I took the kids to the park and we had so much fun. I hope the weather was nice and beautiful where you live too.

                                                                  Jacket: Banana Republic
                                                                  Tee: Victoriassecret
                                                                   Scarf: Loft
                                                                   Shoes: Victoriassecret
                                                                   Bag: Aldo

                                                                                      Hubby and I

                                                                    Thanks so much for stopping by.

                                                                     Beauty Ojo

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cut Out Colie

 Hi Friends, I hope you all had a great mother's day weekend like I did. The weekend was spent hanging out with friends and family and culminated in a nice dinner in church right after the service. It still feels a little chilly in the mornings and evenings in Minnesota and it has been very cloudy the last couple of days with occasional rainfall therefore I did not have any trouble getting dressed for the church service on Sunday. For one, I knew I wanted to wear pants to keep warm and since I also knew that I was going to be around food and kids for a good part of the day, I decided to wear dark colors. After I picked this brown pants I purchased from T. J. Maxx years ago, I remembered that I had the perfect pair of shoes to go with it; my grape and brown color Jessica Simpson Cut-out, Colie Pumps! I decided to go with minimal jewelry because of the busy and loud outfit; grape colored jacket, animal prints shirt, brown pants, cut-out Colie! win!!…:-)

Do you see some dandelions sticking out of my right pocket? My little girl picked them up from the grass and said; "Mum, you still need more flowers because it is mother's day; take these and hold them while you take your pictures." How sweet!..:-). They dropped from my pocket a while later and I forgot to fix my right pocket…:-). Talk about wardrobe malfunction but I had so much fun. It feels good to be around family and people who truly love you and who you truly love. That being said; let's love one another and everyone as ourselves and let's continue to pray for our little girls to be freed so that they can go home to their families.

                                                                      Jacket: Victoriassecret
                                                                      Shirt: old
                                                                      Pants: T. J. Maxx
                                                                      Clutch: (wallet used as clutch (T. J. Maxx)
                                                                      Shoes: Jessica Simpson Cut-out Colie Pumps

                                            Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the week.

                                                                     Beauty Ojo

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