Sunday, June 17, 2012

black and white floral..

Hi readers, it's a very beautiful and sunny day here in the twin cities (Minneapolis/Saintpaul) Sundays are always fun in my home. We all get to dress up nicely and go to church. For today, I'm putting on this black and white floral dress I custom made years ago. I was in the fabric store to pick up some few things, saw the fabric and fell in love with it right away. I knew right there I was going to turn that fabric into a pretty dress. (I love dresses!...:)) I sketched the style of the dress too and gave it to my seamstress who did a very good job at the execution. The black jacket was purchased at a local boutique and as usual, I am with little or no accessories.

I hope most of you readers were able to make it to your church services today and are planning on spending time with your family on this last day of the weekend. I went for a friend's wedding yesterday and it was very nice and we had some fun. I took some pictures before leaving the house and am hoping to do a posting on that when I get back from church...see you again soon on my blog and leave a comment if you like...:)

The weather today is just too hot for me to put on any necklace or bracelet without getting irritated or having the overwhelming feeling to yank them off. Despite the hot weather, the jacket is an icing on the cake or the dress (I love jackets too..:)) so, it had to make the cut! However, the fit of the dress is not as good as it was years ago because I have piled on some pounds...:) but I decided to keep the dress because of the sentimental value attached to it as one of my first few design/creations. It has also come of use a couple of times in my DIY projects (making of wall-picture frames) and I will have to do a separate posting on that..:)

                                                 Shoes: Collin Stuart/

              Jacket from a local boutique in the neighborhood called "Fashion Bug"..I'm not too sure.

                                              black and white floral dress: Custom made

                                     The jacket can always come off when it gets too hot...:)


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