Friday, August 17, 2018

The Patch-work trend: White top + denim Skirt

Happy flashback Friday. Today's post is a big flashback to these old pics from my Blog folder and this  eighties look; patch work denim. I took these pictures some time last summer on a cool summer day. It was a very simple look like my looks always are; white sleeveless top, patch-work denim skirt with fringe bottom, pink fringe earrings for a pop of color and a black pair of mules. It was a very casual look but I wore it to Church for a Wednesday Mid-week service. The eighties fashion is coming up in blazers, pant suits, shoulder pads, graphic tees, denim skirts and even leopard prints. It is time to start digging into our closets for those old pieces. Are you excited for the come back of leopard prints or the shoulder pads? I'm having second thoughts about those. Thanks for visiting.

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