Friday, December 12, 2014

12th day of Christmas - Fragrance Tray Giveaway

Hi Friends, this is the season of giving and giving thanks and I am giving away a Victoriassecret fragrance tray and a little bottle of Victoriassecret fragrance mist to one reader/visitor to the blog. You can check out more details about the tray in this blog post here.
In addition to the fragrance tray/mist giveaway, there is also going to be a surprise gift to one additional reader and the rules for the giveaway are below;


  • Join the blog via GFC (at the lower right) side at the bottom of the blog titled BEAUTY'S FRIENDS
  • If you already are a friend/follower of the blog, just go ahead and leave your comment.
  • Leave a comment below on what you like best about Christmas/Christmas Season. (You have to be specific about what you like.)
  • Giveaway will close at midnight on Friday December 19th and the winner/winners will be posted by December 21st.
  • Winners will be contacted on their blogs and their names will also be posted here.
  • The first winner/commentator would get the fragrance tray/mist while an additional winner/commentator would get a surprise gift to be revealed later when the results are published.
  • If you are not a blogger, leave an e-mail address along with your comment for contact purpose if you win.
  • Giveaway is open to international readers too and it would be shipped three to five days after publication of results.

   *** The winning comments would be the 12th comment and 25th comment. ***

  • If we do not get up to 25 comments, the last comment at the close of the giveaway would get the surprise gift. 

                                                          Giveaway Closed.

So, the chances of winning a gift is high based on the traffic to this site. If you leave the 12th comment or 25th comment after results are published at the end of the giveaway, then you are a sure winner! Go ahead and leave your comments on what you love most about Christmas. I'll be revealing mine on the  results blog posts. I love Christmas and it's my favorite holiday.

                                                            Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                          Beauty Ojo

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