Monday, February 23, 2015

Oversized Winter Whites..

I'm back again with an outfit I wore this past weekend; all white everything; winter whites that is. Winter whites do not have to be real white or pure whites pieces so cream color pieces are okay for this look. I also created a Polyvore collage on it here. It is a look I have been wanting to recreate for a while now especially the oversized camel color coat. I scored this one from my favorite consignment store yet again and it is different from the one I wore in this post. I'm glad I did not have to spend a ton on winter coats this season.

As you can see every item in this look is oversized and baggy even down to my chunky booties which I really do not wear often. I wore the black color pair here and a better look of this pair here. It's all sold out now and one thing I love about the booties is that the animal print lapels can be turned up to create a total different look; talk about some versatile pair of booties. Now, I'm looking to recreate all the other winter whites outfits in the polyvore collage.



Hat: Target
Sweater: Victorias secret
Cords: T. J. Maxx
Booties: Victorias secret
Camel color coat: Consignment store

It is still cold and freezing over here in the twin cities and we are doing our best to stay warm and fabulous...:-). I wish you all a blessed week. I'll be back with a styling post soon and this time, it is sports related. Watch out!!..:-).

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