Sunday, June 24, 2012

The White Jacket

This is what I wore to church today..My white jacket I purchased from Banana Republic a while back. I was supposed to do this post based on my floral theme for the month of June but somehow, I woke up today with something else in mind. I guess most women are like that when it comes to dressing up. You might have something planned for an event and at the last minute you just want to put on something different. I wore this white jacket over a black dress and threw on some wine color accessories and I was ready to go to God's house for an awesome time of praise, worship and communion.

It was a very sunny, hot and humid weather here in the twin cities today but it was a little windy so the weather wasn't all that bad. I always love to wear jacket though no matter how hot it gets and besides there is always air-condition right?..:) And again, I try to put on something very modest and nice underneath my jacket in case I need to take it off when it gets too hot.

I really do love this white jacket and I wish I could wear it all the time but the major snag is that I have to send it to be dry cleaned each time I wear it. The other color jacket I love besides this is my black jacket or my black jackets...I do have more than one!...:) The black jacket is very versatile and can be used to dress up any outfit and I think all women should own one.

My jewelry is a set of silver toned necklace and earrings with wine color crystals that I purchased from a friend a couple of years ago when she was doing the jewelry sales business.

My wine color clutch is a random purchase (do not remember where exactly) and my wine color pumps are from Victoriassecret catalogue.

Sun glasses are from Target stores

My ring which is a little off color because it is dark red was purchased at Burlington coat factory.

I am still reflecting on the sermon that was preached in church today. It was a wonderful communion.

 My black dress is from Burlington coat factory.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far and would devote a bit of your time to commune with God for all the wonderful gifts he has bestowed on you!...:)

This outfit post was not floral inspired but I think I am going to continue with my floral theme on and off through out the entire summer. I have realized that I have so many florals in my closet...oh! Another closet make-over?...:) Have a good week everyone and see you in my next styling post. And please do not hesitate to leave comments on my postings.

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