Monday, November 23, 2015

Purple Peplum

I wore this peplum top a few Sundays ago to Church and took these pictures after a long day. I thought afterwards that I should have reserved the top for Sunday after thanksgiving because to tell you the truth; as you might know by now; peplum tops do hide all that belly fat nicely and I plan to indulge in turkey dinners this Thursday. I wish I was able to get this particular one in a grey or black color though then it would have made a great pairing with a pair of culottes and boots for the fall weather.

I got this peplum top from Venus, an online store that sells good quality and affordable clothing. I don't shop with them all the time but they do deliver their store catalogues to my house diligently. To digress, I know most people love digital stuff and online shopping just like I do and would like to do "paperless" anything but I just love fashion catalogues in print and get excited when I get a fashion catalogue in the mail. So, as I was saying, I saw this purple peplum top in a Venus Catalog and I really loved it and I went online and ordered it and the top arrived exactly the way it was shown in the catalog.

Peplum top: Venus
Pants: Loft (old)
Purse & Necklace: Loft

I planned to make this post very short and I am going to sign out right now but I would love to know if anyone remembers or have (has) ever ordered any item from a print (paper) catalogue before. This question does not apply to the Millennials (twentys or under twentys) who would stop by here They certainly would not know what I am talking about. Happy thanksgiving in advance friends; I just wanted to inject some humor


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