Sunday, June 1, 2014


                                                             GIVEAWAY CLOSED

It is the first day of June today and the second half of the year has just began. It is also the unofficial start of the summer and to celebrate all the previous months and years of God's goodness in our lives including all the glamour and "fabulousity," a giveaway seem most appropriate at this time. It is also the first giveaway for this blog and it is high time!…:-)

So, this giveaway is to express my thanks to all those who have stopped by this blog to read and express their thoughts and to all who have chosen also to be members of this site. The price is $150 (cash) to be shared by three winners and the giveaway is going to run for the whole month of June to give me  time to invite other bloggers to participate. My schedule is a little hectic especially in the summer time but I love blogging and I have wanted to do this for a while so I'm giving myself enough time to moderate the giveaway post…:-). Like I said, the giveaway will run for the whole month but the comment entry would end by mid-night on June 29th and the winners will be announced on MondayJune 30th. The rules are as follows;

                                   Giveaway is Open to international Readers too.

1. Sign up to be a member of this blog/site by scrolling down the page and clicking on the GFC (Google Friend Connect) button at the bottom right hand corner of the page. In addition, you can also join the site by clicking on the Bloglovin icon at the side of the page but this is optional and would not increase the chance of winning…:-) If you are already a member of this site through GFC and Bloglovin, just go ahead and leave a comment.

2. Make sure you note the number of your profile when you sign up on GFC and since I do not have tons of members on the site yet, this would be easy…:-). Presently, the members list ends at #53 and if you sign up right away, you would be #54…

3. Leave a comment under this post stating one reason why you are thankful to God. (I know it is not thanksgiving yet but we always have to count our blessings…) Then end the comment by stating your profile number when you signed up on GFC.

4. Now, this is the fun part. There is no random drawings of any kind. The Winning Comments would be comments #1, #7 and the last comment. 

5. All blog postings will continue on this blog all through the month of June but the comments for the giveaway post will not be published until the last day of June when the winners would be made public in the order that they published their comments. Please, only one entry/comment is allowed…:-)

6. The Giveaway price is $50 each and there will be 3 winners and I would contact the winners as soon as the giveaway ends so they can provide their mailing/contact information. Each winner has the choice of receiving the price via an electronic Visa Card or through Money transfer. All contact information need to be provided within five days of being contacted of the win.

I think this would be a fun giveaway and encourage everyone who stops by to participate. It is important for you to join this site also because other giveaways would be coming up soon.

                                                              All the best wishes

                                                         Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                     Beauty Ojo
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