Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hot Pink in the Snow

Hi alI all, the heavens opened today and the Snow came pouring!! It was the third snow fall for the season and just at the time when everyone was starting to wonder if Winter was ever going to appear this year, we had a triple dose of the white, beautiful, treasure from the heavens. I know it is a difficult commute when you have to travel on it and it does get slushy and muddy when it starts to melt but it is still a beauty to behold. I enjoyed the flakes flying across my face as I posed in my driveway.

This is what I wore today for service. It is a long floral dress in sheer fabric I got from and it is actually a Summer dress but also suitable for the Winter because it allows for lots of layering underneath without any show of "bulkiness."

I threw this hot pink or fuchsia blazer I recently got from the thrift store over my maxi dress and with a few accessories and my Kenneth Cole Reaction tote, I was good to go. The weather was in the thirties and not extremely cold so, I ditched the Winter coat.

The pose in this picture was not planned at all; I actually tripped and fell and it gave me a good laugh. After having so many falls in the snow over the years, I perfected the art of falling on my knees and my hands..:)

I thought I should have worn one of my black Knee boots but the weather was not so cold like I said and I did not really think it was the most appropriate for my sheer maxi dress.

Block heel shoes are the most suitable for a snowy day because they have a better grip on the snow than the stiletto heels. Also, I decided to wear a four-inch-heel shoes as opposed to my five inches and up. These Nine West pumps were my first choice.

I hope you all are enjoying the weekend and also enjoying the weather wherever you are right now. Thanks so much for reading and coming with me on my amazing journey of "Color Makeover."

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