Sunday, April 29, 2012

Supple Purple

It was sunday and I got ready to go to church with my family as usual. I thought of the purple color vintage dress I bought a couple of weeks earlier and knew it had to be the perfect one for the day. I bought the dress because of its color and I have always wanted to own some vintage pieces. (I got two of them now.) It was made of this beautiful, rich supple fabric with ruffles on the bodice. It would have been a simple dowdy dress but it came alife after I added some accessories..
I have on my brown suede pumps I purchased from VictoriasSecret Catalogue about twelve years ago so, they are really old and go well with my vintage look. My multicolor bag is from Jessica Simpson.

The dazzling gold belt is one of my favorite accessories I purchased from a thrift store and I have on a pair of gold studs I got as a gift. My hubby did not really like this look. He said it was too old fashioned. But that's Vintage for you! You either love it or hate it!

The multicolor Neck strands can be worn in two lenghts; either as one long necklace or as a choker and I thought the choker was more suitable for this dress...

You see, the dress is really dowdy without the gold belt; don't you think?

I believe the accessories made this outfit..

I enjoyed my little photo shoot before stepping out but I am starting to get uncomfortable with my front porch. The flowers are all dried up and the porch really need some sprucing up..I'll have to handle some DIY yard projects pretty soon..

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