Sunday, April 12, 2015


It's a very, very windy day in the twin cities today. The wind has been whistling through the trees all through the day. The sun has been out all day too and the weather is actually very beautiful. I decided to go very simple today for my look and though my style is basically simple and minimalistic already but I figured a simple long sleeve over pants is as simple as simple can be.

I decided to make the look a little interesting by picking an animal print long sleeve and just added accessories to the casual look. I do not like to wear sunnies a lot but sometimes the intensity of the sun gives me no choice. 'growing up, I thought sun glasses are only worn by grownups who want to look cool and a little edgy but I realized years ago, that it is a necessary accessory like shoes most of the time. We protect our feet by wearing shoes and we need to protect our eyes from the sun rays too. Anyways, theses sunnies are not mine; I just grabbed them from hubby's glove compartment. He has quite a stash.

                                                           Animal prints top and pants: LOFT
                                                           Bag: Express
                                                           Shoes: Louboutins

I hope everyone is doing great. I'm sending loving thoughts your way all through the new week. I'll be back again soon for another post.

                                                      Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                     Beauty Ojo
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