Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Emerald Green blouse.


These pics with a couple of things wrong with them are way, way I found them in my photo archives and I know the reason why I never blogged them right away. The pics were taken on a windy day last Summer and the wind almost yanked me away like a balloon in my blown up blouse. My darling photographer who must have been one of my kids never even bothered to tell me to tuck in properly. Then, there is that face I make when I am trying so hard to strike a

Anyway, I am no model; nothing is perfect and any excuse is fine so long as we keep on I am going to keep putting up the pictures here good or bad until I get better at striking a pose or

Blouse: Loft / Pants: Forever21 /Pumps: VS Shoes (Old) /Bracelet: Jcrew  Belt: Loft


Congratulations to everyone of us that is still in the Blogosphere after so many years especially the Mommy bloggers. Passion is indeed everything. A big thank-you to everyone who stops by my space to show some love and express positive vibes. I just did a blog design make-over after I recovered from a mini blogger's vacation, recession or Writers' block...whatever you want to call Now, I am ready to keep the posts rolling again but I would start by blogging more less than perfect pictures from my archive one day at a time.
Thanks so much for stopping by
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