Friday, February 26, 2016

Black and green Circle Skirt

I have developed a new love for all things lace and I do not know what to make of it yet...:-). I looked in my closet recently and discovered that my lace dress collection is growing rapidly. JCrew had a sale recently and there were very beautiful and colorful dresses for half the regular price; about $40.00 a piece. This black lace dress I used as a top for this skirt is actually very long and I just layered the green Chicwish skirt over it; one of my holiday looks for 2015. My daughters did not like this look though; they said the skirt was too puffy and that it looked like a tutu skirt. However, they liked the red lace combination I wore in my previous post and that left me puzzled..

I had fun with this outfit although I felt a little chubby in it; it must have been all that great Christmas food. I know the circle or full skirts have been around for a while and I wonder if the trend is totally out already or still out there. I'll keep my eyes open this summer to see what ladies would be wearing to showers and weddings.

Lace dress as top: old /Skirt: Chicwish /Pumps: VS shoes /Necklace: Jcrew /Clutch: Vintage

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Red lace on Circle skirt and Candy Cane

 It is time for spring cleaning again; the warm up has started over here and the snow is starting to melt; thank God..:-) I can't wait for Summer to get here. This outfit is one of the couple of outfits I wore during the holidays and this post has been saved in my folder for weeks. The lace top is actually the lace dress I wore in this outfit here and I know every lady must know by now how easy it is to convert a dress into a top or a skirt. My red circle skirt I purchased from Chicwish a couple of months ago has been in heavy rotation lately. The two pieces matched so well that it looked like I was wearing a dress. The candy cane décor on my lawn looked like added accessories to my outfit too..:-)

I have a couple more outfits saved in my blog folder and I am going to go ahead and just upload them on the blog the next couple of days; so watch out for marathon posts on here.

Dress worn as top: Eshakti / Circle Skirt: Chicwish/ Pumps: VS (old) Purse: Express / Jewelry: Jcrew

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Camel and Grid

It's been unbearably cold over here in my neck of the woods and like I always say; "when you live in a cold region like I do, the weather dictates your wardrobe." It happens that long coats have been trending in this region for years. I scored this one last year at a very good consignment store for a very good price and it's become one of my favorites. I wore this outfit a few days ago when the temps was in the negative digits and I was warm and comfy the whole time. The grid blanket scarf which I got over the Christmas break from Romwe was a perfect contrast to the camel colored coat and very comfy too. Do you notice my new hair-do?..:-)

Camel coat: old /Scarf: Romwe / Boots: (old) Report Signature / Purse: old

I was freezing and trying to keep warm..:-)

Also, do you notice our Christmas décor still stuck to the snow? Well, it's become the norm in my neighborhood to still have Christmas décor on the snow filled lawns in February; they are stuck to the ice and until the weather warms up and the snow melts, I'm afraid they'll remain there for some time. Christmas in March, maybe?


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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spring Trends - 1

Spring Trends; Stripes

                                                Spring Trends; Stripes by ojomrs featuring long sleeve shirts

RED Valentino black dress
$910 -

Black bodycon dress

Alexander McQueen long sleeve shirt
$1,460 -

Ballet shoes
$145 -

Spring Trends; pleats

Bubble dress
$20 -

ElevenParis white short sleeve shirt
$20 -

Long maxi skirt

Heeled ankle boots

Love moschino handbag
$210 -

18k jewelry

Gucci brown glasses

So, Spring is around the corner; woot! woot!! Just as the seasons go round in circles, so also are Fashion-trends; they just keep recycling from season to season with little variation here and there. The trends for Spring 2016 are already here and I am sharing some of my favorites on the blog and this is the first part in the series. As we know, "Pleats and Stripes" have been around for a while and they certainly are not going anywhere; they would make their mark this coming Spring yet again. Now let's enjoy these pieces while we wait for Spring to roll by...

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Blizzard Style..

Yay!! We are starting to warm up in Minnesota and that means Spring is around the corner. There are some cities in the state that are still dealing with the deep freeze though and aside from coffee, another way of dealing with cold, dreary weather is by putting on some stylish and chic clothing, One fabric that really keeps you warm in the cold winter months is the faux fur and you will find that in each of this set. Which set is your favorite?

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Pretty little things at Loft Sale

Happy Valentine's (day) friends; I do not celebrate valentine like everyone else because I believe love should be expressed all the time and not just on a certain commercialized day or time off the year. However, I do check out savings and discounts going on at this time and since it's been a long time I shared any sale from one of my favorite stores, Loft. I decided to put up this post.

There is an ongoing 50% sale at Loft  on selected jewelry and clothing and I picked up a couple of items like the culottes above which is less than $40. 'Wishing you all a beautiful and fun weekend.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Color block scarf

It's been very snowy and cloudy over here in my neck of the woods; although it has not been too cold, I wish the sun would break out in the clouds for a day or two. Aside from getting people excited and lifting off the winter blues, the sunshine would certainly make my pictures better. I did get a good DSLR for my blog pictures some months back but I am just thinking of how cumbersome it would be to start setting up on tripods I know I'll get to it eventually. As for these pictures, they were taken by my son on our way home from church last Sunday.

I finally got to own this color-block stripe scarf which I purchased from Romwe just before Christmas when I got out of my temporary shopping ban. I had seen and admired the scarf on other bloggers for a while and when I got the e-mail alert that it was on sale at the Romwe website, I took the bait. Previously, I had been skeptical about shopping on China websites due to sizing and other shipping issues that I had read reviews about online but I had a great experience at Romwe. The items I ordered arrived on time and the quality of the items were great too. However, I would still advice everyone to be vigilant when shopping online and only shop from sites that you trust and have researched and read reviews about. Anyway, I love the way the color-block scarf added a pop of color to my monochrome outfit and I look forward to getting good use out of it in future with other pairings.

Scarf: Romwe (currently on sale) / Dress: Romwe / Coat: Old / Boots: VS Shoes (old)

I wish you a fabulous weather wherever you are and all of God's blessings in the new month of February.

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