Saturday, September 29, 2012

Be Prepared...

These days I put more deliberate thought into everything that I do as compared to before. I try to be prepared for every occasion and this does not just refer to dressing up alone...:) I study more even though I have a very hectic schedule which involves work and family and I try to enjoy every moment I can spare for leisure. When I am done doing all I can, I leave the rest unto God because he is the only one that gives the grace for any achievement. I get on my knees and put in some prayer time for all those other situation I have no control over.

These are the thoughts that were going through my head today as I got ready to take the kids to my friend's sons' birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. The twin boys just turned four  and Chuck E. Cheese is the best place to have a party for boys of that age because they have all the energy to play and run around. My son and my girls were really excited about the invite.

I decided to wear this sheer blouse over some Capri pants and what influenced my decision to wear the blouse was because the weather was really nice and beautiful today and I knew I was going to feel very comfortable in the sheer fabric. Then, I chose the black pants because I was prepared to handle any spills. As expected, there were lots of it...:) My eighteen months old daughter spooned some of her ice-cream right on my lap!

Yeah, this is what I wore to the party. I knew other mothers were going to be there and I wanted to look glam as always...:) However, I was prepared to party and I had some flats packed in my across body bag. After I made my initial entrance and did all the chit-chat, I went back to my car and changed my clutch for a cross body bag and switched into some comfortable flats. I did not want to step on any kid with my five-inch heel. The Chuck E. Cheeses was so packed and there were lots of kids running around as usual.

When I got back from the party, I was still super energized and wanted to burn some calories. I had eaten lots of pizza at the party not counting the amount of beverage and ice-cream that I had..**eyes rolling** so I took to yard work...**smiles**  No, I was not trying to show off to the neighbors that I get dressed up to rake I know some people would think of that!

I did not really think my flats were the best choice for this outfit as I thought it would have looked better if I had worn a cute little denim dress or some cute skirt but I was in a hurry at the time and just grabbed the closest flats I could find. However, I think it was not a bad choice. Anyone can pull off any fashion faux paux with the right attitude...:)

My hubby tried to disuade me from raking the leaves but I was insistent. I love Fall and raking the leaves is one of my favorite things to do in the Fall season. My neighbor's lawn is so green that it makes me green with envy...:) I told hubby we need to take better care of our lawn and I'm sure the point was noted.

Thanks so much for reading my blog. Your comments are welcome and appreciated and I love finding your lovely blogs through your comments. Take charge of every situation in your life and always be prepared! **Kisses**



Friday, September 28, 2012

Thinking of Hawaii

Hi beautiful readers, you are welcome to the end of the week and the end of the month. The year is coming to an end and the seasons are changing abruptly. It's the time of the year when God shows us the beauty in creation when all those trees and shrubs start to display the most beautiful colors ever! I just love fall; definitely my favorite time of the year. Anyway, I woke up to a little chill this morning which reminded me that the Winter is just around the corner. Well, I was not thinking of winter. I let my mind sail to the beautiful island of Hawaii soaking up the nice beautiful weather in a pretty nice beach..**ough...** Well, my day dreaming took me to my closet and I came out looking like this!

I purchased this dress from Metrostyle about four years ago and the prints kind of remind me of Hawaii.  I do not know why I think so but I think the stripes remind me of palm fronds which are found at the beach. Although I liked the prints then, I have not really worn the dress a lot. I am still waiting for that perfect beach party...:) Then I would dress it down with some cute flats and across the body bag and some cute sunnies and I will be ready to party!...:) You see I love dresses a lot and really wish I could wear them everywhere.

I have on patent Quipid heels, Aldo bag and a red belt from Metrostyle which has a matching pattern with the bag. Not my intention to be matchy-matchy though. Both items were purchased differently and years apart.

Trying to adjust my accessories before going to catch that flight to Hawaii which leaves in a couple of minutes...**in my mind that is...**

I got to run...I got to catch that flight! I have to escape from this coming winter!! **hehehehe...:)**

Some people when they face problems, always look for the easiest way out. Some turn to drugs and others get into acute depression. I will tell you the best therapy ever that involves dealing with the problems even before they show up; and that is having a personal relationship with God.

A lot of people want to have all the good things that God offers; Prosperity, health, Grace, beauty and yet they ignore the giver of the gifts. How can you expect to get good things from a wealthy father when you shun all communication with him?

Please, we have to have a communication with God the creator. Spend a few hours of your time each week doing the things that please him; which involves worship and praying (Communication) You can never have a relationship with him without communicating with him. Have a blessed week everyone. **Kisses!!**

Watch out for my LIEBSTER AWARD post soon. It will be my first post in October which is my birthday Month.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grey Sheath Dress...

Hi beautiful readers, I came back from church a few hours ago and decided to do a quick post on what I wore to church today. It is this grey sheath dress I bought from Tj Maxx months ago. The weather is starting to get cold so, I wanted to enjoy some of my Summer clothes before it gets too cold. This sleeveless sheath dress was a perfect choice for today. It is one of my favorite dresses and the reason I like it is because of its structured tailoring. I can use a black jacket over it in the winter time too.

As usual, I have on very minimal accessories; a black and white necklace which was a random purchase from a friend and a bracelet and ring I bought from Burlington.

You can tell if you read my previous post that my hair style is different. It is starting to get cold so I went to the store to get some wigs. Underneath, my hair is still in comb twists and I will reveal it every now and then for a new look...:)

I am wearing black suede Zigisoho heels which are very very comfy. My purse is Nine West.

I was ouside for about thirty minutes taking these pictures and I was surprised at how fast the weather changed from daylight to night-time plus it started getting chilly like the very next minute the camera lens clicked the last shutter! Not a strange occurence nonetheless. When you live in Minnesota, you get used to the extreme and unpredictable weather.

Were you able to make it to church today? What did you wear? I won't mind seeing special pictures of your favorite church outfit. So, if you like, you can e-mail me pictures at; of your special church outfits and I can feature it under a special segment I will call "Sunday Beauty Chic" with links to your blog. Thanks so much for reading and thanks for leaving comments which are highly appreciated. I deleted some comments in error from my previous post as I tried to use my   i-phone phone for comment moderation. If you are one of those I deleted their comments by mistake, I am so so sorry. Please feel free to leave comments again and I will surely visit your lovely blog in return. **Kisses!!**


Friday, September 21, 2012

White, Red and Leopard Prints

Hi beautiful people, I took some days off from blogging because I had a very busy schedule and I wanted to make sure I met my goals. Blogging is so much fun but when you do it as a hobby, you get to it when you have the time...:) My Church convention just ended amongst other things that occupied my time. It was a beautiful experience and I am more charged to take on every situation. Like I always say, you have to have a beautiful communion with God each day in other to enjoy all his goodness and mercies. I took some time off to pay one of my in-laws a visit last week and this is what I wore..

A white crisp shirt from Coldwater Creek and red stretch pants from Express.

I accessorized my white and red outfit with some neutral accessories which includes my brown necklace I purchased a few years ago and my tan color Franco Sarto's handbag.

My Sunglasses are from Target, ring from Burlington and my wooden bracelet is from Target Stores too. I have had it for so long and wear it all the time with most outfits.

My Leopard Slingbacks by Vera Wang completed the look.

A nice smile is still the best accessory for any outfit any day...:)

I have not had time for a pedicure in ages! Pardon my chipped nails...:) When you are a busy Mum like me, you learn to be patient and thankful for everything. Yes, I do need a pedicure but I'll get to it when there is some time to spare while I thank God for all other beautiful things I was able to achieve in the past weeks.

I am yet to do a posting on my LIEBSTER AWARD NOMINATION which includes answering eleven questions about myself. One of the requirement is to tag eleven other bloggers who have less than 200 followers and that means I have to go visiting other blogs and check out their number of followers and I have not really been able to do that lately. Work, School and Motherhood keep me so occupied!

Thanks for visiting and reading my blog and thanks for the lovely comments you are able to post. I am always happy to meet other bloggers and like the excitement of finding your blogs when I click on your comments.

Take out time this weekend to go to Church and connect with God. He is ever faithful and always there to listen to us anytime. I love you all; God bless.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who is that lady?...

Who is that lady? "The lady in blue.!!" Let's go over and check her out....**hahaha..** How are you all doing beautiful readers? I am still enjoying my new look and have not yet covered it with any wig at all. I am carrying the new low cut with confidence. I'm trying to put a post together where I can show you my readers some of the pictures of me when I had my drealocks years ago. Watch out for that...:)

This is what I wore today; this little blue dress. And if you have read most posts in this blog, you would have known by now that I am all about the simple look. I got this blue dress from TjMaxx and it was the color that really attracted me to it.

The color is so bold that I decided to break it with very nude accessories.

I am wearing this hoop ear-rings I got from Target and very simple necklace and a Guess hand bag

I had to break out the Sunnies because the sun in my eyes made me frown and squint like an old lady; not a good look at all.

A smile is always the best accessory for any outfit. It gives class and elegance. I try to "have" it on me no matter what I am putting on...**Smiles**

Steve Madden shoes in nude color..

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a wonderful week, see you soon!...**Smiles**


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lime top

Hi beautiful people of Blogs Ville, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is ready for the new week...:) My weekend went by very fast and I didn't really do much besides the usual house chores and studying. As I got ready for church today, I was a little confused on what to wear. I had laid out two outfits the night before but did not really feel like putting any of them on. The weather was very beautiful and not cold or rainy so, it could not help me make up my mind...:) If you live any where around here you will agree that the weather can dictate how you dress sometimes.

Anyway, I ended up tossing these two outfits aside and picked out this outfit in the pics below. What helped to make up my mind was the fact that I had purchased this top a long time ago and had not worn it before now. You can check out the outfit collage I made of this top here

First of all, I apologise for the quality of the pictures...:) I take most of the pictures on my blog myself using the self timer on my camera and a tripod stand and I do not understand most of the settings on my canon camera yet...

 Now, back to my outfit!..**Smiles** Like I said, I finally wore this outfit I laid out on my deck in a collage months ago; the lime top I purchased from Metrostyle and this A-line skirt I have had for a while now. I still got my new look and had to play it up with this bold hoop ear-rings and chunky necklace. When you have such low hair cut, it is always wise to use bold jewelry in the face area like the ears and neck.

If you notice, I changed the purse I laid out on the deck collage and used this Daniela Moda lime and black purse in my clutch collection..:)

The black satin pumps are Colin Stuart from Victoriassecret online

My jewelry is from Palmbeach

So, this is what I wore to church today! As usual, a simple and chic outfit; very much my style..**Smiles** I wish you all a wonderful week ahead. Have fun in whatever you do and do not forget to spend some time in communion with God during the week. Worship and prayers are not restricted to Sundays alone. **Kisses!!**


Friday, September 7, 2012

Graphic white and black + red

Hi Everyone, I hope you all having a nice weekend. It seems Fall has arrived in full force; starting to get cold in the early mornings and evenings. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons of the year and I am so going to enjoy this fall..:) This black and white graphic blouse and red skirt is what I wore recently.

Also, I will like to thank Neilly of Aux Caprices de Flore for nominating me for the LIEBSTER AWARD. I have eleven set of questions to answer about myself which I am going to do soon in a future post. I am really looking forward to that. I have some of the answers typed and saved already in a word document and I am trying to decide if I should do an outfit post with it or not.

White and black graphic blouse and red skirt from Burlington Coat factory

Sunglasses and bracelet from Target stores

Black studded clutch from Tj Maxx and random jewelry

Red and white print shoes from Quipid...

I am wishing everyone a fabulous weekend. Your thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated. I look forward to telling you more about myself and I'll like to know more about you too; my dear friends of Blogs Ville. **Kisses**
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