Saturday, January 26, 2013

Summer Date Outfit with hubby

Hi beauties, Is anyone thinking of summer yet? I'm definitely thinking of it even though Spring is so so far away. Since the color of the season is emerald, I have started planning the perfect date outfit with hubby having this color in mind. I created this collage on Polyvore based on the items I already own in my closet so, I'm set and all ready to go on that perfect date!!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and do let me know what you think about this collage. Is it too colorful or too dramatic? Have a nice weekend and do not forget to include God in your plans. **Kisses!**

Friday, January 25, 2013

Color Quickie...

There are some days when even the most fearless and daring fashionista feels blue and not really in any mood to dress up and this is the time when the temptation comes to just throw on anything with the hope that no one sees you or recognizes you as you are up and about..**this happens!**
Well, for days or times like this, the best thing to do is throw in colorful accessories into an otherwise boring or muted outfit. This is the reason why I stocked up on colorful accessories in my wardrobe. They are not expensive items but are always available whenever I need them. In the collage above, the orange color accessories; the bag and belt jazz up this all black ensemble. More so, it is a very safe way of wearing orange as opposed to doing it the other way (wearing all orange) and looking like an over sized pumpkin.
It is "freeeeeezing cold" out and one of those days when I'm not inspired to dress up or take pictures. I'm presently curled up in bed under warm blankets with my kids and sipping a cup of hot cocoa. Hubby is not home so we're just chilling. My to-do list for the day includes reading some passages from my bible and doing some research on my school paper.
                             Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bright Sunny Day..

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to spend time with family and good friends. As for me, the highlight of my weekends is when I get to go to Church on Sundays with my family and service today was so much fun.These pictures were taken a few days ago and though it was very sunny but it was freeeezing!
The pictures are not that great and I had second thoughts about sharing them on the blog but then changed my mind a few hours ago. Afterwards, the blog is a documentation of my life experience. So, it's okay to post pictures that are not that great too. Later in life when I become a professional blogger, I can share these pictures with people and tell them the importance of staying on course with their dreams and aspirations because things always get better when we are dedicated and committed to it...:)

I do not like to wear boots sometimes during the winter and in times like that, my patent heels become  my absolute must have. Their glossy finish makes them very easy to clean after each use and though they are super high (six inches heels) they actually have a good grip on snowy pavements and driveways.

I am wearing a grey knit turtle neck and a grey/black/white stripe jacket over black denim pants. The plum color bag was thrown in to add a punch of color to the entire assemble. Before I started my color makeover,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Victoria in the Snow

Hi beautiful people of blogs ville. I just wanted to sign in to share my outfit of the day with you. I titled this post "Victoria in the Snow" because I am wearing this off-white sweater dress and boots from Victoriassecret and I just realized that most of the items in my closet are actually from Victoriassecret. I do not know if I am the only one that think so but they actually have very cute sweater dresses and sweaters and their shoes are super cute too.

Since the weather is so so cold, I accessorized with a scarf and a hat and riding boots and tights and a jacket and, and, and....:) Layers ladies! That is what the Winter is all about especially when it's so so cold like it is here in Minnesota. It was actually snowing too as I took these pictures and I love the way the snow flakes blew across my face.

I hope you all are having a nice week and keeping warm if you are in the Four-Season areas. Like I always say, do not forget to include God in your plans this weekend.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Its double ties..

So, I titled this post "double ties" because I'm wearing two outfits with ties; my tan color sweater dress I purchased from Victoriassecret a couple of years ago and this cute tan leather trench coat that is also an old purchase from Chadwicks.

Since both items are of the same color tone, I decided to add a pop of color with this red boots

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Race goes on..

So it's 2013 just in case there are some people out there who have been living under the rocks but this statement is not meant to be funny. It's just my own way of saying that life goes on along with all dreams and aspirations. I thank God for everyone who made it to this new year and if you are reading my blog at this time; I thank God for you and want to tell you that God loves you dearly!

As for me, my love for God and family endures and also my love for fashion. So far, I have succeeded in incorporating a lot of colorful pieces into my wardrobe and I'm going to start working on my hair, nails and make-up next. I'll lift my shopping ban some time this year when I'm done rotating all the clothes in my closet with the goal of keeping what I need and giving out the ones I don't need that someone else can find useful. "Go Green everyone!!"..:)


I have also decided to start giving credits to the stores where my clothes came from and if I do not remember where something was purchased I would just say "random" or from "my" I do remember I had said earlier in one of my posts that I do not feel it was necessary to list purchase information and it was mostly because I did not remember where some of my items were purchased because I have not bought new items in a long time and moreover, I thought that the stores were not compensating me for the advert anyways...:) However, I discovered that when I visit other fashion blogs, I'm always interested to know where particular pieces that I like came from. Therefore, I guess a blog is not really a fashion blog unless it has these information.

So, I am wearing the only leather skirt I own which I purchased from Old Navy a while back.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Formal, Casual plus vintage

Hi lovely people of blogs ville, I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are charged up for the new week. I'm just about to go to bed but decided to do a quick post of my Sunday's outfit. I have been doing a lot of blogging lately and even though it's so much fun, I'm thinking of taking a break...:) We shall see about that...:)))

If you have read most posts in my blog, you will know by now that I am a Church girl that likes to post pictures of her Sunday outfits...:) First of all, I'll apologize for the poor quality of my pictures. I am yet to get a better camera but have learnt to be more patient with the editing tools and this has helped a bit.

My last post which I just posted a few minutes ago anyways...:) was all about putting this outfit together. this is my second choice outfit for today. I'll put on my first choice; my houndstooth jacket next week to Church if the weather gets warmer. I had to take off my winter jacket and gloves for this shoot because the weather is freeeeezzzing!

Option two

So, after putting together my outfit for church last night, I watched some movies with hubby and the kids and listened to the news after wards. However, I got quite a shock that the  temperature was going to drop to single digits the next day. This was nothing that unusual though. It is normal for the temperature to be here and there during the winter in Minnesota. Nevertheless, I was a little disappointed that I was not going to wear the outfit I had already put together previously. I had to go back upstairs to put another outfit together for the new forecast. Luckily, I already put all the back-up clothing items in a pile in the corner of the closet so I just checked quickly to make sure I had everything then I took pictures for the blog then went to the children's rooms to put together option two...**sigh**

Option two is this maxi silk leopard dress I got from Tj Maxx a while back. It is actually a very light fabric dress and not meant for the winter at all but my thrifty attitude always ensured that every summer piece I own takes its own turn in the winter rotation...:)

Again, the sleeves of this dress was very bare so I had to choose something warm to layer underneath it. And that is the beautiful thing of wearing long dresses during the winter; you can layer as much as you like.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Picking an outfit for Church.

Of all the many things I do over the weekend, the most exciting for me is putting together my outfits for the following week and for church. I usually perform this chore on Saturday afternoons so that I can relax and spend the evening with my family. First of all, I put my outfits for work together from Monday through Friday and then I put together my Sunday outfit. I also put together the children's outfit too and although this is a tedious task, I actually enjoy doing it.

The outfit I picked for church tomorrow is what I laid out above; a vintage houndstooth black and white jacket and a yellow maxi dress mixed in with dark red accessories and black heels. I decided to wear the houndstooth jacket because I noticed that it is becoming a trend and since mine had been hanging in the closet for months, it was the ideal time to launch it.

This yellow knit maxi summer dress is what I picked and like I said in an earlier post, I like to convert my summer maxi dresses into my winter wardrobe. Since the maxi  dress is long, it is easy to wear layers underneath without being uncomfortable or feeling bulky.

Friday, January 11, 2013


This is what I wore a few days ago when the weather was almost at freezing point; layers and layers of clothing in dark muted hues. And come to think of it, it is super hard to wear color in a very, very cold and cloudy winter day. This outfit as you can see is totally different from the one in my previous post.

I am putting on  double turtle neck tops; a charcoal and black sweater turtle neck over a black knit one. Then I wore this mauve A-line denim skirt that was custom made by my seamstress a couple of years ago. I make trips to the local fabric store now and then in search of unique fabrics and when I saw the mauve denim material on one of my visits, I snatched it up right away and designed this A-line skirt; simple and chic. The dark mauve color is a nice way to add subtle color to an otherwise boring outfit like this one...:)

Another way I have been incorporating color into my outfit is through the color of my nails. I admit it has been difficult to do this with home keeping and taking care of three young kids but it is a fashion trend I'm determined to keep...:) This metallic blue color has been my favorite for sometime  now and I have gotten a few positive comments about it. My hubby is still surprised at it though and I got quite a laugh when he exclaimed the other day; "What is up with the nails?"....:)

Also, in the absence of color, "texturing" is another way to add interest into winter outfits. In this case, my chunky outer sweater fits the bill. I felt so warm in my layered outfit that I didn't really need an outer winter jacket. However, if you live in a place like Minnesota where the weather can be very unpredictable most times, it is wise to always have one handy

                                                                              Boots: Victoriassecret
                                                                              Bag: Aldo

        Thanks so much for reading and do not forget to include God in your plan this weekend. **Kisses**


Mustard in Winter

Winter in times past was a time to put all the colorful outfits away and then embracing all the different shades of grey and even black if there is any. Things are however very different this winter. I have incorporated so much color into my winter wardrobe that even a blind man would notice!...:) Hey, I believe in miracles okay!!

However, one thing is to have a colorful wardrobe and another thing is to be able to put the colors together in an outfit. For me, blogging about fashion has really helped me a bit and I am surely more organized and creative than ever before. The outfit in this post is what I wore today to run some errands at downtown and I must say it is the most colorful outfit I have ever worn in the winter seasson.

The weather has been surprisingly warm for the past couple of days and we almost hit forty degrees today in the twin cities. I decided to enjoy the day by dressing lighter and brighter and this mustard blazer was my first choice. It's so colorful and stylish at the same time.

Since the jacket was very colorful, I decided to keep the other pieces subdued and neutral. I layered my leopard ruffled top with a dark brown tank-top and put on some cream color jeans. My brown suede heels and neutral (or almost mustard color handbag) finished the look.

 There is still so much snow on the ground that it is hard to believe that it is still winter time. We are all enjoying this weather make-over that God has handed to us in the state of Minnesota and no one is complaining. However, the weather forecast predicts very cold conditions for next week so we are just trying to enjoy this warm weather now while it lasts.

Shoes: Victoriassecret
Bag: Franco Santos

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and do have a blessed week ahead.


Thursday, January 10, 2013


So, every lady loves a "Lady's Closet." And a lady's closet is that special place that contains all the magical elements. Sometimes it is a room called a walk-in closet or just a good space with shelves; whatever space it is, it is every woman's dream to have everything she needs in there.

The title of this post is "My because I want to talk about my own space with the intention of getting inspired to get more organized.

My closet is a fairly sized walk-in closet which is supposed to fit my equally fairly sized wardrobe but I found out that most of the time I feel like I put my entire wardrobe in a box with no room for very needed organization. No wonder I used to run to the stores to purchase  new outfits each time I got an invitation to an event. Presently, with my closet as disorganized as it is, if I do not plan my outfits ahead of time before an ocassion, any attempt to put an outfit together at the last minute turns my closet into a space that looks like a tornadoe zone; shoes and bags scattered on the floor and piles of clothes strewn in corners

And then when I look in there most times, all I see are shoes. Somehow, I am able to keep my shoe collection organized probably due to my love for them. And now that I got no more room for shoes in my closet, I had to go on a "buying freeze" until I am able to create a more organized space for them which might include turning one of the bedrooms in the house into a second walk in closet. My son and daughter are already complaining about the over-flow in their rooms...:) hubby's wardrobe also had to move somewhere else with just one wall space allocated to him due to my intense love...:)

Although my clothes might look organized sometimes but it is still chaotic trying to find anything to wear in there. This is because prints are mixed with solids or shirts mixed with blazers or even worse knits mixed with tribal prints. This causes a lot of wear and tear on the clothes not to mention the countless minutes wasted looking for something to wear.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Style-New: Unfinished business

Hi beautiful people of blogs ville, once again, "Happy new year to everyone of you." I trust you all had a safe and fulfilling holiday. I spent some time during my mini vacation doing some tidying up and discovered some old pictures in my computer folder which I'm going to post here hence the title "Unfinished business." They are pictures of outfit collages I made last spring. If you have read some of my old blog posts, you will know by now that I love to do outfit ensemble on my deck just like some fashion bloggers do "Fashion boards" for fashion inspiration. The main difference is that fashion boards usually involve outfits that are on the bloggers wish list while my deck outfit collages involve items that have already arrived in the mail...:) Check out the one I did on the neon trend here.

The skinny color jeans was a hot trend last summer and though I do not follow trends that much but I kind of liked the color blocking that was associated with it and I was tempted to grab a pair when I found some on sale at a local fashion boutique. I got a pair in a saturated hue of turquoise along with a leopard print blouse and I thought the combination was super cute!...:) So I decided to do outfit collages on the various ways I would like to wear this colored skinny pants and I added leopard prints to all of them. Each of the outfit collages can be worn just about anywhere with a little "accessory editing" here and there.


                                                                              A day out in town

White Shirt: Coldwater Creek; Pants: Fashion bug; Satin Pumps: Victoriassecret; Leopard Clutch: thrifted

                                                                                        Casual Chic

Leopard print blouse: Fashion bug; Pants: Fashion bug; Peep toe pumps: Steve Madden luxe; Clutch: Kenneth Cole Reaction

                                                                              Work wear

Black ruffled shirt: Tj Maxx; Pants: Fashion bug; Leopard sling back: Simply Vera by Vera Wang; Black tote: Kenneth Cole Reaction

So, I had a baby shower to attend last summer and I decided to wear the colored pants with the black ruffled blouse but I ditched the print sling back for another leopard pump because I badly needed a pedicure and felt the slingbacks was not the best choice for the evening. Here are the pictures below; And yeah, I switched out the clutch too but I don't think that was the best choice. I probably was thinking of "prints on prints" when I did that..:)

Also, I had my comb twists in my hair last summer too and right now, I am trying to prep my hair for this upcoming summer. I am looking forward to the reveal.

I wore this turquoise necklace as a statement piece and I know the look looks a little bit matchy-matchy.. Maybe that was why I forgot about the pictures in my folder

Well, I'm glad I completed the unfinished business...:) And that is my new-year resolution. I'm going to complete every great task I embark on this year and I know I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

                            Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful and blessed day.




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