Monday, November 3, 2014

Le's get personal; It's Pajama time...



Hello Friends, yours sincerely is going to talk about a different kind of fashion today; sleepwear. A lot of times, we are stocking up on clothing items and accessories for outings and daily wear without paying much attention to our fashion when we are laying our heads on our beds to sleep. Eeemmm**clears throat,**I have been guilty of this too. I was organizing my closet over the weekend, trying to put away some summer pieces when I suddenly realized that it's been a while I bought a new sleepwear clothing. All my sleepwear were old and worn and after making a mental budget, I grabbed my ipad and quickly fixed the problem. Now, I'm waiting for my goodies in the mail...:-).  I saved a lot by taking advantage of the end of year sales currently going on in stores.

On another note, it reminded me of the bible scripture where the scribes and pharisees were accused of keeping the outside of the cup clean and inside filthy; Matthew 23: 25-26. In our lives, our insides need to be as clean and pure as our outside. The selections above are some of my favorite pieces. Also, pajamas are great gifts to give anytime to friends and loved ones.

All pictures were extracted from Victorias' secret.


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