Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hat Lady

Hat Lady

Hat Lady by ojomrs featuring a straw hat

Black hat
$56 -

Jigsaw gray hat
$81 -

Nordstrom floppy hat

Accessorize newsboy cap

River Island hat
$46 -

Straw hat

Baseball hat

Straw hat

           Hi Everyone, I hope we are all doing well and keeping warm. I can't wait for Spring to get here! 'totally tired of the snow and cold already and certainly inconvenienced by all the constant layering of clothes just to go outdoors for even a few minutes.

           I have never been a hat lady but would wear a beanie now and then if there is need to do so under sub zero temperatures. I have however admired classy and colorful floppy and fedora hats when I see them and I have equally lifted my hats off...:-) to those who are able to pull off wearing a cute hat. I'm currently thinking it is time to pick up a cute pretty hat and though I do not usually wear hats to church, I might just try one on and debut it one of these Sundays...:)

         Are you a hat lady? And what are your preferences; fedora, floppy, beanies or baseball hats? Waiting to hear your thoughts.....

                                                          Beauty Ojo
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