Thursday, October 14, 2021

Monochrome Look: Brown top + Satin skirt

        This is an old look from the archives, and it is a monochrome look as usual which has really been my favorite way of styling in recent times. The brown top is a panty suit which is very great for work wear; you tuck in and stay tucked in all day without any fuss. Again, the mix of textures is the best way to style a monochrome look so the outfit don't look like a uniform or boring. My floral pumps add extra interest to the whole look and the orange purse, a little punch of color. Thanks so much for reading.

                             Skirt      Skirt      Heels

Friday, October 8, 2021

Style / Trend Inspiration: Faux Fur Bag

        My latest trend inspiration for this winter is the faux fur bag or shearling bag which has been popping up in the stores in different styles and price points. Although faux fur bags have been around for a long time, this recent trend might have been spurred on by the Bottega Veneta shearling bag. I love this affordable mini bag by Steve Madden because it is so chic and stylish and did I say affordable? Yes, I said affordable...

Friday, October 1, 2021

How to style colors for Fall

       Outfit collage adapted from: @Styleboardcreator

       There is a sure way to add colors to a Fall outfit and that's by the use of colorful accessories. Sure, we all like to wear rich jewel tone colors like wine, browns, orange and greys in the fall and lots of animal print but just imagine pairing these colors with pops of pink and blue and a little bit of yellow? The result will be an outfit that lifts up the spirit like the one above. And the blue sandals can be swapped out for a pair of brown boots if you so choose. Happy viewing, happy styling.

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