Friday, October 17, 2014

Old with pops of blue

Hi Friends, I remembered a few days ago that I needed to do some updates on some posts I did a while back including this one here. This floral blazer is pretty an old purchase from target but I do not get to wear it all the time. I wore it during the summer to my city's corn fest which was a two day celebration to bring the residents of the city together. There was food, games and music. It is done annually but I had not attended in years prior to last summer. The pictures I took during the event were all blurry because it was evening and my iPhone was not at its behavior..:-). I decided to wear the same outfit again a few days ago and though the pictures are still blurry, they turned out better this time. I am yet to get a new camera and I use either my iPhone or my iPad to take my pictures currently and it's usually my seven year old son that takes my pictures. My five year old daughter took these ones though. You see, I'm training the whole family to be blog photographers! The life of a blogger...:-). How about you, who takes your pictures and what kind of camera do you use? Please, share by leaving a comment...

That's an old book from one of my favorite author and preacher; recognize the face?

Jacket: Target (old)
White tee: Hanes
Blue woven loafers: Target (old)
Jeans: old

I can't seem to get enough of blue shoes...:-)


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