Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Layered in Florals


Happy Wednesday Friends;  I am sharing this look I wore to Church a few days ago. Although we already had our first snow fall in my city, the temperature was okay and not too cold so I wanted to wear light layers and my new velvet flats blogged about HERE. I threw on a white sweatshirt over my Chicwish floral dress previously blogged about HERE to achieve a "top over a skirt" look and it totally worked because a few friends thought I was wearing a skirt and a top.

It is good to note that Chicwish also had maxi skirts in this same fabric at the time this dress was released for sale two summers ago but why buy a skirt and a dress in the same fabric when you can style a dress as a skirt? This is a question to ponder when you shop for clothes this holiday season. I'm always up for any styling tip that can help me get the most out of my wardrobe or closet.

              Dress worn as skirt: Chicwish / Sweatshirt: Ann Taylor / Velvet Flats: Blogged about HERE



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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bomber Jacket and Green Pleat Skirt


Hi Friends, I trust we all had a great Thanksgiving weekend; mine was so much fun. I spent time with family and friends and there was lots of food and dancing involved. Yeah, I must say I enjoyed the dancing just as much as the food and with extra dancing planned for this next weekend, I should be able to lose the extra pounds gained from eating all that food. I'll be talking about dancing a lot in the next upcoming holiday posts because I have discovered that it is the best exercise for anyone; very inexpensive and the only motivation you need is some good music.

This outfit was my Thanksgiving attire featuring a bomber jacket over pleated maxi skirt. Bomber jackets and pleat skirts are trending right now and like I always say when it comes to Fashion; nothing is really new; fashion recycles. I got this skirt made three years ago. I went to the Fabric store and saw this mini pleat fabric that I really love and I bought them in five colors; purple, red, green, blue and black. I had three made into maxi skirts and I'm still thinking of what to make with the other two colors left. Any suggestions? pleated dress, pants....Seriously, I need suggestions on what else to make with pleated fabric aside from skirts and dresses...Thanks for your feedback.


Maxi skirt: Custom made / Sweater dress worn as top: Victorias secret / Bomber Jacket: House of Fraser / Boots: blogged about here.




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Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday Deals!

Happy Cyber Monday! The Holiday shopping season is officially here. If you are doing some Fashion shopping today; make sure you have all the relevant information to guide you and you can check out some of my Holiday shopping tips in this Post HERE.  And do not forget that all sales and deals end tonight.

Below is a list of some deals from our favorite stores.


       $10 off $49      $20 off $99     $40 off $199
                    Free Shipping No Minimum  
                           Code: CYBERDEAL


                                                              50% Off Everything

                                                          Free Shipping on all orders

                                                     Code: CYBERMONDAY










Kate Spade
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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ann Taylor GIft Guide Set and Casual chic set

This is another set of gift ideas from one of my Favorite stores, Ann Taylor. If you are on a limited budget, you can shop around in other stores to see what discounts they have based on ideas from this gift guide or else, you can find all the gifts you need in one (Ann Taylor) store. Ann Taylor however, does  not sell  Men and Children items.

                                ANN Taylor Gift Guide Set by ojomrs featuring post drop earrings


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Saturday, November 26, 2016

JCrew Holiday Gift Idea Set and Print Mixing Set

The shopping Season is upon us and certainly cannot be ignored.  I would be sharing gift ideas from my favorite stores on the blog every now and then till the end of the shopping season and the first store on the list today is JCrew. I love JCrew pieces for their quality and great prices and the fact that they also have Mens' wear and Children's wear. I shop for my Kids and nephews and nieces at JCrew during the holidays and it's quite a joy. Check out my pick(s) from the store this season.


                                                     Jcrew Gift Idea by ojomrs featuring j crew jewelry

Another reason I love JCrew is that they have beautiful sweaters and printed skirts that you can pair together during the cold season for beautiful print mixing like the collage set below that features all JCrew items. There is a 40% discount sale going on presently with the code "HOLIDAY." 


J Crew cap sleeve top
$79 -

J Crew wool blazer
$245 -

J Crew textured skirt
$355 -

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Shoe lovin' - Camo Boots! and Black Friday Shopping tips..

Happy Shopping Friday! I hate to say Black Friday and I still do not understand so much why the Friday after thanksgiving would be termed Black Friday? with all the shopping deals and discounts going on in stores and all the precious, beautiful family time and activities and outings after the Thanksgiving holiday? I do not care if you get "black-out" deals from the stores or on-line, it should be called "Great Friday" or "Shopping Friday" or "Deals Friday" or whatever but certainly not Black Friday in my opinion..Lol.

That aside; I hope you had a great Thanksgiving yesterday with your Family and Friends. if you are going to do some shopping this weekend, here are a few tips that you might need and it is centered on this pair of boots/booties that I purchased about four years ago from victoriassecret on-line. Since camo color is trending right now and it is boots season, I figured it would be a great idea to talk about this pair of boots in a shoe-lovin' /Black Friday Shopping Post.

This pair of booties which are actually quite worn out now because they are a couple of years old and I wear them a lot are one of my best purchases over the years for the reasons below;
  • They are of very good quality and in a classic color (camo) that never gets out of style
  • They pair with a lot of casual styles because of the neutral color
  • They are a versatile pair: they can be worn as booties or boots because of the clasps attached to them. (See the attached Pics)

So when it comes to Black Friday Shopping; you have to plan ahead of time what you want to do. Do you want to shop online or go to the stores? or you want to do a little bit of both? If you are not a savvy online shopper and do not have much experience shopping on line, this is not the time to start. As for me, I enjoy shopping online and I pretty much know how the sizing and return policies go for my favorite online stores.
Online Shopping Tips

  • Have a list of all the things you want to purchase and a budget on hand.

  • Have a list of your favorite stores and check out all their deals and discount promotions before hand

  • Register your e-mails online with your favorite stores and they would send you promotional mails about their Black Friday deals before hand.

  • Read about a stores shipping and return policy online before you make any purchase or call the store to talk to an associate. (you can even do a live chat with an associate on line these days).

  • Make sure you know the sizing chart of the store you are buying from and it is better to go up a size than to size down when you are not sure of the sizing chart.

  • Find out if your favorite store would let you ship to their local store for free so you can cut out shipping costs for your purchased item (you just drive to the store to pick up your delivery when you get the delivery e-mail)

  • Finally, read reviews of items before you make any purchase. They give you detailed information on what and how other buyers feel about the item and the store.

                                          In-Store Shopping Tips


    The on-line shopping "tips" outlined above is also great information to have/know before you go to shop in-store. Most Black Friday shoppers said they enjoy the thrills of going to the stores on Black Friday and scouting and hustling for their favorite item as opposed to sitting comfortably on their couch to shop on-line. If this is you, consider some of the tips below;
    • Wear very comfortable shoes and clothing and dress in layers when the weather is cold.

    • Carry a messenger bag or cross body bag so nothing gets in your way

    • Pack a light lunch or snacks with you because you might not have time for a sit down lunch

    • Make sure you have a full gas tank in your car incase you need to drive from one mall to another. You do not want to waste valuable time at the gas station buying gas instead of shopping!

    • Know the store's opening and closing information before hand before you head out of your home.

    • Have a list of your items and a shopping budget on hand.

    • Have a shopping buddy with you who knows about your shopping list and your budget

    • Shop at a quick and steady pace but never run, or shove your way through the stores.

    • Be polite to store associates and other shoppers

    • Use changing rooms quickly and do a quick scan before you leave to ensure you do not forget your items in there

    • Always pick up a gift receipt for your purchased items

    • Check out the store's return policy before you pay for your items.

                             Final Thoughts

    Know that some deals and discounts are exclusive to particular stores sometimes or they can also be on-line exclusive. So, don't expect to find/buy something in store that is exclusive on-line. Also, buy classic items that are of great quality and would stand the test of time. Do not waste your money and your precious time on low quality items or cheap and not so important purchases. Also, ensure to buy versatile items like my pair of booties above that you can convert to other uses or in the case of a clothing item; that you can pair/style with other outfits. Also check out an old Post on the above pair of boots HERE

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