Saturday, March 3, 2012

My First Post...

     I am Beauty and yes, that is my name, given to me at birth. Some people think it is conceited to go by such a name but what they do not know is that; "Your name defines you." It is important for parents to give their children meaniful and positive names at birth because it sets them up right away for the future. My blog is about me and how I express my personality. It shows my style and my art. I hope you enjoy every bit of my posts and I welcome honest and fair criticism or comments. So, drop a comment and let me know you stopped by.

     One of the ways we express our personality in life is through our speech and our actions which includes our mode of dressing and mannerisms and though I am not trying to force my personal preference or style on you through this blog but I am praying and hoping that I will be able to cause a positive change in you by what you see or what you read.

I want to tell my story through pictures because it is one of the easiest and fastest way of communication in this age of advanced technology.
More so, I love pictures!

 I grew up with a strong appreciation for Art and I started to draw and paint at a very early age. It is one of my hobbies and I just become like a little child when I am around color pencils, drawing sheets and crayons.

Although, there is not going to be any drawing and painting here on my blog but my love for God and fashion which is my second hobby, is what I hope you will be able to see and appreciate.

Yes, I love Fashion! but above all, I love God!! He is the center of my universe and he gives me the grace to do all these wonderful things.

I am a friendly, positive, cheerful and fun person to be around. I love family and I understand that it is the very foundation of our human existence. I love kids and I believe that that tender age is the best time to nurture positive and quality traits.

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he [she] is old, he [she] will never depart from it." (Proverbs. 22: 6)




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