Friday, October 12, 2018

Animal Prints Accessories

While we are still talking about the animal prints trend for fall, this post is about affordable animal prints accessories; scarfs and bags. It might be a little overwhelming for some people to wear animal prints clothing and one way of indulging in this trend so it does not get overwhelming is the use of accessories like scarfs, bags, belts and shoes. To make your look more interesting, you can mix the prints like I did in this post HERE with my snake print bucket bag from Ann Taylor that has since sold out and this leopard print scarf from Charlotte Russe. Animal prints bags and scarfs are selling out very fast right now but if you are still on the look out for affordable bags and scarfs, check out the shopping links below.

                                                          See original post HERE

                                                         HERE                                       HERE

                                                             HERE                                     HERE

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