Friday, June 5, 2020

Summer in style: Graphic Tees

   ऽo, we all know all that has been going on in the United States this summer and no, I am not talking about Covid 19, the ongoing pandemic. I am talking about the protests and civil unrest following the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police Officer. The incident happened here in my city and really hits home for me. I know the whole world was enraged at what happened and rightly so. We all have to condemn evil when we see it. We can all lend our voices to this national dialogue but must do it in a peaceful and civil way. I have not been able to attend a peaceful protest but can lend my voice and support to a peaceful dialogue. While you think of other ways in joining this national dialogue to end Police brutality and Racism, you can enjoy these looks I put together here. Thanks so much for reading.

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