Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Chic in Pink



Pure Collection cardigan
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Happy Monday Everyone; so, it's new week, new goals. However, some people do not have much enthusiasm when it comes to Mondays and they usually require some boost to get going which in most cases is a cup of coffee. I am not a huge coffee drinker and aside from the little changes in lifestyle like going to bed early on Sunday night; another boost that gets me going on Mondays is "Fashion." Yeah, remember the tip/phrase; "look good, feel good?" It does not need much explanation.

Now, the color pink is trending and what better way to show it off this winter than in a pink coat or jacket? definitely a big fashion statement. Whether you work in a corporate or casual work environment, pink color outfits; when styled in the right way can be work appropriate. Another styling tip is to incorporate the color into an outfit with accessories like pink bags and shoes and varying the shade of pink is a great idea too. Below are some outfit inspiration style boards  to start off the week.  Thanks a lot for reading.



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