Sunday, July 19, 2015

Let's go to London

Happy Sunday Friends; yes, I have been bitten by the midi skirt bug. I am so happy for this trend, in previous years, wearing midi skirts was regarded matronly and highly conservative and young ladies never wanted to be seen in them but look at us now, we are all wearing midi skirts like it's nothing. Midi skirts are so youthful and fun.

This outfit is what I wore to church today. I got this skirt from Chicwish recently and I really like the fun art printed on it; it's a pic of the red London double decker buses and telephone booths; again so, so fun. I blogged about it in this outfit collage here. This skirt sold out quickly on the Chicwish website but there are other beautiful midi skirts and pieces on the site. I just love Chicwish for reintroducing fashion for women. I forgot to put on my sunglasses today and squinted continuously while I was outdoors. Did they say squinting and frowning causes early wrinkles or was it laughing and smiling a lot that causes it or all of the above? Well, I don't care much about that...hehehe...:-). but I'll definitely remember to have my sunglasses on hand next time.

Blouse: old
Skirt: Chicwish : Here  -Similar
Pumps: Asos
Necklace: Walmart

This is just a quick post to say hi. I'll be back again to talk some more sometime soon; all of God's blessings in the new week friends.

                                                                         Thanks so much for stopping by

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