Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Fall Fashion Trend: The Belt

While we are still on the topic of fall fashion trends, can we talk about statement belts? I am sure you have noticed the gucci statement belt trend that has been going on for a while. Yours sincerely here has a love-hate relationship with this trend. Yes, this is a personal blog so I can express my personal opinion on a fashion piece; haha! But what do you think of this trend? While I love the idea of a belt being a statement piece to elevate an outfit, I just do not love any designer clothing piece or accessory with bold or oversized monogram. I just think it's tacky and that's why I don't care much for the gucci belt trend and then can we also talk about the price? At a minimum of $350, It is definitely a splurge and if this trend disappears after a season or two, the price might not be worth it. If you just like the idea of a statement belt like me, you might want to consider the very affordable version at Asos here and here. The secret to having great style is pairing high end and low end items together. At the end, whatever you choose, it is up to you to style and wear it confidently.

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