Saturday, February 8, 2014

Duo toned


Sweater: Forever 21
Pants and Scarf: Target
Jacket: Old
Shoes: Neighborhood boutique 

The weather was in the thirties today and very cold but it actually felt quite nice later in the evening. I went out briefly outdoors to catch some fresh air and was actually surprised that I survived in my ankle pants. Weeks ago, I would have died of hypothermia! I wish the temps would get better though because we are all tired of the cold already. The duo toned sweater I am wearing was purchased from Forever 21 and I talked about it in this post here. I'm not so much a fan of graphic sweaters no matter how trendy they might be but I do like graphic tees so this duo toned purplish and red sweater is quite up my alley. Right now, I'm trying to put together my outfit for Church tomorrow and I pray that the weather is much more bearable than it is right now. The weather forecasts says it will be in the single digits tomorrow but I believe in Miracles.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Beauty Ojo
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