Thursday, August 16, 2018

What to do with old trendy pieces in your Closet

Hi Friends, happy Thursday 😀 I'm sharing an old look from my blog folder for this post on a throwback Thursday. (These pics were in my folder for about a year and were not blogged before now mostly because of the quality but I I tried to edit the pictures with the Snapseed App a bit and decided to blog them anyway). This pineapple prints skirt from Ann Taylor  is an old piece from my closet and I have styled it several times on the blog before in this post here and here.  It was so popular two summers ago because of the beautiful unusual pineapple print and there were about three pieces in the collection as it is usual with some of these trendy summer prints; there were dresses, skirts and shorts. For this look, I paired the skirt with a chambray shirt and block heel sandals and a "big-hair-don't-care" attitude 😁 I have worn this outfit a couple of times (since) after the day these pics were taken, mostly to church. And this brings me to the main idea behind this post; what do you do with very old trendy pieces in your closet?

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