Friday, May 29, 2015

Floral in the Rain

So, it has been raining a lot in Minneapolis lately and though I love the rain; I also love the sun. I like to see the flowers blooming on a beautiful, sunny day. Well, it started raining again this morning and I just could not hold off anymore. If nature would not give me flowers on a bright, sunny day, I will create my own flowers on a rainy spring day...:-).  I went in my closet and got this floral sweatshirt I got at Loft a while ago and threw on some accessories. The black denim is also from Loft and I love the zipper on the sides which is not obvious from these pictures. If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, you would have known by now that I love Loft. It is one of my favorite stores aside from Victorias Secret and Forever 21. Also, if you notice that I am frowning; I was just tired of the rain because it kept drizzling even as I took these pictures.

Floral sweatshirt: Loft
Jeans: Loft
Shoes: DSW
Bag: Rosetti (thrifted)

I usually do not like sweat shirts because of their boxy silhouette but I really loved the floral prints on this one and after I rolled up the sleeves, it was not too bad. I loved this floral sweatshirt so much that I created an outfit on it in Polyvore here and blogged about it here. The sweatshirt is currently on sale at Loft and you might want to check it out. I wish you a great and wonderful weekend and see you soon; here or on your blogs.

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