Monday, August 17, 2015

Oh Summer..

Yeah, the summer is gradually coming to an end and though I'll love to see it go, I'm excited to welcome my favorite season of the year, fall.  These are some pictures I took when the family and I went to the lake sometime this summer. In Minnesota, we only have artificial beaches and thousands of lakes and that is why the state is known as a "land of ten thousand lakes."  

I picked my outfit based on the polyvore set that I created and blogged about here and I must say it was fun recreating the outfit. I did not get in the water though so I could not post pictures of me in a bright red bathing suit...:-) maybe some other time...We had a great barbecue with our friends and the kids and hubby got in the water for some fun and played some games. I just chatted with my girlfriends from church about funny lady's stuff and what not...:-).

I hope you are still having great fun and enjoying the sun. Have you made any trip to the pool or beach yet this summer? I know some of you have swimming pools in your yard..**batting my eyelids in envy..:-)** It's always great to take time out to enjoy family and friends and great food.

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Pink + Floral

Happy Monday friends; this is the outfit I wore to church yesterday and it is from deep in the closet. At first I thought the outfit is too old to be posted on the blog but then I was like "Hey! I am wearing it right?" If I wear the clothes and I am not  embarrassed  to be seen in them, then they can be up 
on the blog. I know most times, fashion bloggers only want to post the best pics or outfits on the blog but we live in a real world and not online so, let's keep it real...:-). So, if you see me in an old tee and faded denim running errands at the store in Minneapolis, do not doubt that it is me. Just walk up and say hi...:-).

Top & Skirt: old
Pumps: DSW
Bag: old

Besides, fashion is revolving a lot these days; all those floral midi skirts from Mom's closet in the  seventies and eighties can still look glam today and let's not forget about the Mom's jeans or bell bottoms (flared jeans) "yay or nay?"

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