Thursday, April 4, 2019

How to style a Sweat Shirt for Work.

I do not wear sweatshirts often but this piece I am wearing here is my favorite and it comes into heavy rotation in the cold season. Another sweatshirt that I own and have styled on the blog is this cropped graphic sweatshirt here. We all know that sweatshirts are very casual and are really meant for lounging (if it is really oversized) and occasional trips to the grocery store unless you are a high school or college student. I am showing in this post how I styled a sweatshirt for work; and not so formal work, that is. If you work in a very corporate space, sweat shirts are a complete no-no. However, these days, a lot of jobs are more relaxed when it comes to work attire and work wear has become less formal day by day. For this look, I paired my cream color sweat shirt with a very long plaid pants and topped the look with a wine color coat since the weather is still chilly. It is a very simple look that can be worn to work and the key is to keep the whole look simple and classy. My tips for styling this look include;

Keep it neutral and fitted:

If you choose to style a sweatshirt for an outing where you would like to look well put together, ensure that the sweatshirt is of a neutral color like creams, browns, black and very light greys. Stay away from very loud colors and definitely stay away from whites. A white sweatshirt screams too casual for me. Another tip is to ensure that the sweatshirt is a little fitted. It can be a little boxy too depending on the kind of pants you want to wear with it.

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