Friday, August 17, 2012

Yellow, Purple...and Sparkle!

This is the outfit I wore to church last Sunday; a yellow layered tiered dress I got from Tjmaxx a long time ago. The color is so so bold and the dress so so layered that I felt like taking the drama all the way by layering on as much accessories as I could. I put on the most jewelry I had ever worn ever and my purple Mojo Moxy shoes with gold studs. A lot of drama all the way....

I don't own a lot of yellow color outfits but I must say that yellow outfits add very nice pop of color to any closet. The arms of the dress are a bit open so I am wearing a purple lace trimmed tank-top underneath which is not so obvious from this picture. Probably because I am in the shadows. Note to myself, I need to get a higher quality camera.

My gold color oversized clutch, necklace, bracelet and cocktail ring add some sparkle to this outfit besides there are also gold studs on my purple pumps.

As always, I had a very nice time in church last Sunday. My commitment to God is ever renewed. I know it's so hard sometimes to create time for fellowship with God amidst very busy and hectic schedule; taking care of three kids, a gorgeous husband, school, work and home but my faith is very important to me and I always make things work. I have the bible app on my iphone and whenver I get some time off from work or school, I read scriptures as opposed to browsing social media networks. If I have to blog or browse social networks, then I visit fellow bloggers who talk about their faith and have things to share that can build up my spirit. I also spend time in prayer whenever I am in my car on the long commute to and from work or school. I always pray with my eyes open off course!...:)

Have a nice weekend everyone and do not fail to spend time with God and family this weekend. See you soon. **Kisses**

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