Sunday, December 20, 2020

What to wear to work the week before Christmas


     Christmas is a few days away and I can still feel the buzz about the holiday even amidst the pandemic. If you are an essential worker who goes to work away from home and you need some inspiration on what to wear to work this week, think no further. This is the time to get out your plaids: skirts, pants, scarfs or coats. It is also the time to get out your glitter pumps. If you work in a corporate setting, a modest length plaid skirt is a great piece of clothing to wear to work this season. Also, replace your nude color shoes or pumps with a pair of sparkly or glitter pumps. And do not forget the coat. A great color coat of very good quality is a must-have for this season too. For the casual style of this look, check out this post here. Thanks so much for reading.

                           Coat    Skirt     Pumps

How I styled my Christmas themed Sweater and why I celebrate Christmas

    This Christmas themed Sweater has been in my closet for ages and I have worn it several times over the years but it is the first time I am styling it on the blog. I got it years ago to wear to a ugly Christmas sweater party at work and to be honest with you, I don't even know why that is even a thing. There is nothing ugly about Christmas so why did someone come up with such a concept? I do admit that some Christmas themed sweaters are really "costumey" though but I would rather we call it by a different name; haha! 😕 

Sweater       Skirt     Boots

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