Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pink May Day!

Oh My!! I just lost my posting/pics as I tried to do some editing on my blog! I wonder when I will be able to put up the pictures again...**sigh.** I'm busy right now trying to plan a birthday party for my little one on Mothers' day weekend. I am planning on giving all mothers/friends that will be at the party a special treat. I am still trying to get comfortable with this blogging thing...lol. I took a course in school last session where I had to blog for the whole semester; beautyojosnotesonadolescentlit.blogspot.com And you would have thought I will be a pro. by now...**smiles.**
I'll have to put up my pics again as soon as I can...(after the party though) "Have a happy Mother's day ladies."

Finally got to put up my pictures again and I just threw them right back on the same spot they used to be..lol

I'm wearing this pink sleevess sheath dress that is from the abandoned part of my closet..lol. Really old! I never thought it was still going to fit but was so glad it did!..-) The grey blazer kind of complements the dress in a nice subtle way...

This necklace was worn in an earlier post as a choker


Multicolor Bag and violet color cut-out platform heels from Jessica Simpson..

I had fun with this outfit and I also had a wonderful day!...:) 'Hope everyone did too.

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