Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The Tank Top...

Victoriassecret sport pointelle yoga tank top

Victoriassecret Crocodile Burn out swing tank top

Victoriassecret sport cut-out tank

As we all know, Summer is here already and one of the most common summer outfit for ladies is the tank top. I bet every lady has a couple of tank tops in her closet. They come in different colors and different styles, skinny sleeves and wide sleeves and a wide variety of fabrics. However, no matter how trendy or stylish tank tops might be, I find it hard to wear them alone. I usually like to have a shawl over my shoulders when I wear one, a little jacket or coat or a lace or sheer beach dress when I am wearing a tankini at the beach. There have been few occasions I have worn the tank top without a covering outside in public places because it was unbearably hot but I always felt somewhat uncomfortable. I was not uncomfortable because I am not confident about my body but because I always felt like I was under dressed.

So, for some time now, I have been looking for a dressy kind of tank top and after doing some surfing online I came up with some pretty fun tank tops that are dressy and can be worn just about anywhere. They have fun ruffled necklines that offer a bit more covering and can be worn off the shoulders in the case of that sold on Also, as a bonus, they come in summer fun colors. Neon colors are so in right now and having a dressy tank top in such fun color is a big deal for me. They are also very affordable and I am thinking of making some orders right now...:) Check out the fun dressy tank top below from

It also comes in another fun color; deep berry. However, this lime color is my favorite and the only snag is that I have got so many lime or citrus colored clothes in my closet already and I do not want citrus to be the new "black" in my closet...:) Check out my Color story. This top is on clearance right now for $9.99 also has a similar style of top (found under tees and tops in their website) in the same color but I think theirs is a little too revealing because of its tie-up front (Wardrobe Malfunction!!...:)) Also, at $24.99 it is more expensive than that of which only cost $9.99.
See that of Victoriassecret below and make a comparison.

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I know there are readers who will want to argue that the above tops are not tank tops because they do not have the traditional sleeves but if you do an extensive search online, you will find out that tank tops come in all shapes, sleeves and sizes..:) As for me, so long as these dressy options serve the same use as the traditional thin sleeves tank, I am okay. You might also want to see a similar design from that is catalogued as a tank top on their site;

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The above top is; "the dream tee ruffle smocked tank top" which comes in different colors and was originally $39.50 but now on clearance for $14.99.

Like I said earlier, I want to purchase a neon color tankie and I am leaning towards the first one from Metrostyle. I can pair it with a great black or ash color skirt for those barbeque dinners or picnics that we go to during the summer. I have a graduation picnic and a wedding to attend this saturday and if I am able to take good pictures, I will be posting them on my blog. Have a wonderful week everyone. It's so much fun sharing my thoughts on my blog and everyone is welcome to leave a comment or ask a question. I'll be back soon for more styling posts...Cheers!

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