Thursday, October 30, 2014

Necklace Giveaway

Hi Friends, so, it is  Giveaway time on the blog again. This LOFT necklace would be won by whoever leaves the first comment on this post. The only condition is that if it's your first time here, you'll have to follow the blog either through GFC (the GFC button is at the bottom of the blog posts titled "Beauty's Friends") or via Bloglovin on the right side of the page.  I regard every subscriber to this blog as a friend and we might not meet or chat in person but we do share laughs, joys and thoughts as we communicate  through our blog postings. So, do not hesitate to join the blog; I usually follow back too.

So, go on and leave a comment. You can say anything from how you'll like to style the necklace; that is, what kind of colors you think can go with it  or you can share any tips and info on how to take care of it or you can just say hello...:-).

Comments would be published in less than 48 hours and the winner would be notified on their blog. Necklace would be shipped in about three to five days of win.
Giveaway is open to international readers too.

                                                     Thanks so much for participating

                                                                  Beauty Ojo
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