Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hi beauties! I'm back.....!! I trust everyone is doing great and gearing up for thanksgiving. Although everyone is in a celebratory mood at this time and ready to do all the end of the year shopping and enjoy all the holidays coming up but please let's not forget the victims of Hurricane Sandy in the East Coast. They still need our prayers and all that we can give to help.

The pictures in this post were all taken over a year ago when my family and I went to the Mall of America for some shopping and some fun and that is exactly the answer to my own question; My- and the answer is that I just have fun! A lot of ladies enjoy shopping and I will say I am one of them. I do try to shop when I can get good discounts though and whenever there are big sales going on. Yes! That is being thrifty. There is no use throwing money away when it can be saved for something else. And have you ever bought something at regular price and then see that same item go up on sale soon after that at a very great discount? Well, I have and ouch!! it hurts!!!

So now, I just stalk particular shops where I like to shop and the best way to do this is to sign up for E-mail discounts from the store and if you are like me and do not like to get all those hundreds of annoying marketing e-mails in your regular mail, just have a different e-mail set up for store discounts and you can check in occasionally to know what promotions are going on at your favorite store. You can also give your mailing address too if you do not mind and all those coupons and promotional offers can be mailed straight to your home. A word of caution about this though. You must learn how to exercise restraint so that you do not run off to shop each time you get a good bargain. I have shoved a lot of coupons in the trash or passed them off to friends because I do not want to be a shopping addict. it was hard to do at first but now I've got good control and shop on my own terms. Some stores also want you to use their credit card in order to get good discounts and such mail gets in the trash mail too.

                                                                          My beautiful family


                                                                        My Kids and their friend

                          My baby...I had to add a dash of color to her outfit with the fuchsia ankle boots

                                                                  The leaders of tomorrow

                                                                                     My friend J and I  

Yeah, this was actually the same day the pictures above were taken. We went to the MOA (Mall of America) after church service and I took a change of clothes with me and actually changed in the restroom  into my casual clothes. A quick clean-up with hand sanitizer and I had fun shopping and playing with the kids. Mall of America in Bloomington Minnesota has very a wide range of entertainment for shoppers; parks, theaters...

                                                                           My Church Look

My Casual look
Thanks for reading everyone and enjoy yourself with family and friends this weekend and do not fail to thank God for everything in your life including the bad moments. If you give him total control of your life, he will turn your sadness into joy. He is there just waiting for everyone to reach out to him and he will never force himself on anyone but will welcome everyone who is ready to come to him with open hands.
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