Thursday, May 10, 2018

Floral dress + Tulle

Happy Thursday 😆 Mother's day is around the corner and it's that time of the year again for mothers to get that special attention that they actually deserve every single day because of all that they do. Since today is Thursday, I'm doing a throwback Thursday look to this dress I wore last year for Father's day! haha!! 😝 Yeah, I said Father's day. One of my friends had a surprise birthday party for her husband on Father's day last year and this is what I wore; this floral and tulle midi dress. The dress is a dupe or more affordable version of this MARCHESA dress here and I loved it so much when I saw it online that I bought it in two colors. I would be wearing the second dress this upcoming Mother's day and will do a blog post on it too. This is the navy blue version of the dress. Can you guess what the color of the other dress is?

You see, I got my Mothers' day dress since last year because the site had a sale and I wanted to get the most bargain and that is really what Mothers do all the time. We try to get the most discounts to help our hubbies and Families get the best in life. We are up early taking care of the kids and our various households. Even those ladies that are single, choose to be single. not yet married....are still strong women doing the most they can in the role that God has bestowed on them as women. Please, take a minute to pause and take care of yourself Ladies. And a very big  "Happy Mothers' day" to you all.
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