Saturday, May 11, 2013

Floral Jacket

Hi all, I hope all you beautiful ladies in the US are excited and ready for Mothers' Day tomorrow. For some ladies, it's a big event with lots of pampering and dinner dates and others just spend the day quietly. I do not know yet what group I'll fall in tomorrow but I know I'm grateful to God for his goodness in my life and making me a wife and a Mum to three beautiful Kids. Whatever is the case with you, married, single, engaged, Mum...just use the day tomorrow to thank God for the gift of life and find a way to appreciate all the dear ones around you.

Now to the outfit of the day, I finally put on the floral jacket I ordered from Forever 21 a couple of months back and blogged about here. And I'm not going to say I love it much; the colors are so bold! The jacket only cost $15.99 and since floral jackets are trendy right now, I'm glad I did not have to break the bank to achieve this look.

Since the colors in the jacket are very bold, I decided to keep everything else dark thereby allowing the jacket to stand out on its own. Although I do not like the bold florals of the jacket that much but I really do love the fabric; very soft and comfortable. I am still happy that I purchased the jacket though and I know it was a good buy. It's always nice to have a trendy piece. I do not like to be at the fore front of fashion trends and I also do not like to be the last one to get on the trend wagon. So, here is "Yay!" to scoring this trend while I explore others that I'm willing to try for this season.

Floral Jacket: Forever 21
Black tee and shoes:
Black denim Pants and Clutch: Merona via Target Stores

Thanks so much for stopping here. Did you take a look at the Mothers' Day outfits in my previous post? Let me know what your favorite look is. I love all the three sets but I think the first set featuring the blue harem pants is my favorite. Thanks again for stopping by and for your beautiful comments.


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