Monday, September 14, 2015

Summer Date Outfit

I wore this outfit here sometime in the summer and it is as extreme as an outfit can be even for summer. So, I ordered a bunch of shorts from Loft during their summer sale a couple of months ago and this particular one captivated my attention because of the prints and I read the description of the shorts like I always do but somehow skipped the reviews. I am very sure that if I had been patient enough to read the reviews, I would have found out that the shorts are shorter than was advertised on the site. I was shocked when I opened the package and realized that the shorts are indeed super short. No wonder some people hate online shopping so much. I have always had good experience shopping online though because I always shop from stores that I am familiar with in regards to the sizing and quality of their products. As for this shorts, I  contemplated whether to return them or not then found out that it was a final clearance sale and returns were not allowed so I decided to keep them for date night with the hubs. Also I can use them as beach shorts with a wrap around my waist and can also strut around my house in them; so, it is a keeper after all.

Shorts: Loft
Blazer: Ann Taylor
tee: H&M (old)
Necklace: JCrew Factory

Have you ever had a bad experience shopping online? I am an avid online shopper because I usually do not have much time to spend in stores; as a mother of four, I usually have to use my time wisely although I do have some "me" time at the mall sometimes where I just walk and do window shopping mostly. It can be relaxing to spend time at the mall especially when you love shopping and people watching but it's also advisable to leave the wallets at home when you want to go window shopping. Have you had any ugly experience shopping online? Do share...

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