Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday Dress

Hi beauty Kins; hope everyone is doing great! This post is all about my birthday dress. My hubby got me this gorgeous black sequin body-con dress from Express for my birthday. Yay!! I know if I had made the purchase myself, black would not have been my first choice because I desperately try to avoid buying black colored outfits these days. I think I have too many black and grey colored clothes and this blog was actually started at the time I started a closet makeover; incorporating color into my closet. Anyways, color aside, I just love this dress!! Aside from animal prints, sequins and glitter are my next thing.

So, after I thanked hubby and all, I decided to take a peek at the Express website to do some investigation on this dress and this is what I found; it comes in two other gorgeous colors- dark raspberry (somewhat dark purple?) and flower pink. Here are the beauties below;

Black body-con sequin Express dress (Front View)

Black body-con sequin Express dress (Back View)

Dark raspberry sequin body-con Express dress

Flower pink sequin body-con Express dress

The dark raspberry would have been my first choice but I love the choice my hubby made and I can't wait to wear this out on a dinner date with him and my sequin and glitter party dress collection is growing. I have a navy blue sequin dress I wore for my first daughter's one year birthday and a gold color glitter one-shoulder dress I wore for my second daughter's one year birthday. Below are pictures of both dresses and you can see an earlier post I did on them here.

So now I have my dress and I do not think I can wait for another baby's one year birthday to wear it..:) and besides, I have not had a birthday party yet although to tell you the truth, I am not even planning to have one. I'm super busy with school. However, I am thinking of how best to accessorize it right now. And of course since the dress is black, accessories have to be a color blast. I am thinking of using the Fushia heels from this Colin Stuart's collection with another Fushia piece; either ear-rings, necklace or a clutch. (Which I currently have in my closet) Or the black heels from this same collection and a bold color clutch in red which I also own already...:) I tried to order the teal color heels also but they sold out so fast in my size and I know they are smiling in hundreds of Fashionistas' closet right now. I always like to shop Victoriassecret shoes because the quality and prices of their shoes are just unbeatable.

Then there is the Christian Louboutin's Bianca which does not need a second red color accessory to go with it. It can hold its own any time. This can go with the black sequin dress perfectly and with a black clutch and minimal jewelry, I'll be party ready. "Yay!!!"

The back view is always so exquisite!
And yes, along with my sequin dress, I also got some cute black lace and Animal print pattern stockings from hubby and some cute silver jewelry all from Express. I just can't wait for that party! Invites anyone???...:)
Oh, did I mention that the dress looks perfectly okay without the satin sash? **obvious right?** Below is a pic I got from the Express Website of a Model wearing the dress without the sash.
Okay, now I have to leave Blogs Ville **Sad Face** and go to the library to put my study hat on. I have a couple of essays and a field report to write and my LSAT is coming up too. **Kisses**
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