Thursday, January 3, 2019

Happy New Year: Blue Sequin Dress + Glitter heels

Happy New Year Friends 😁 It's 2019! I had a beautiful New Year celebration and I'm also well rested. My hubs and I and the kids did a lot of bonding during the holidays; we watched movies together, cooked together, went out to eat and just spent quality time together. We also had an amazing dinner at a restaurant on Christmas day to celebrate my son's birthday. I'm going to make this first Post of the year very short because I do not have new year resolutions. Like I said in my previous post, I just want to be a better me in the new year. I want to love God more, love my family more and love people more. My main change is going to be on the blog as I plan to share more life style posts. I also plan to shop less from now henceforth and to spend more time exploring ways of creating affordable and glamorous looks from pieces that I already own. I want to do more of DIYs and other kinds of creative styling and I hope to share all on here.

" I also plan to give more of my time volunteering for good causes and also plan to share God's word more than I ever did before. Sharing God's word is sharing Love to others and we all know that the world needs more LOVE. "
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