Thursday, December 14, 2023

Red Suiting & Holiday Outfit Inspiration


        This blog post is a repost of a blog post I published  a few holidays ago. It is the traditional holiday colored outfit; red, accessorized with the traditional holiday print, plaid. This is a simple and chic way to style a pantsuit for the holiday. If I was restyling a red pantsuit again for the holiday this year, I would switch out the plaid shoes and accessorize with silver accessories or gold metallic.  

Gold and metallic accessories complement red outfits so well. Check out this old Blog Post here.  A red dress is also a great option over a red pantsuit anytime too. And if you do not want to wear a red pantsuit or a red dress, you could create monochrome outfit by pairing a sweater with a pant or a skirt. Are you celebrating the Christmas holiday with any special outfit this year? Thanks so much for reading.

Suit    Heels

Wishing you a Merry, blessed, happy and colorful Christmas

       Eleven days to Christmas and about nineteen days to the end of the year, 2023; I wish everyone a very merry, blessed, happy and colorful Christmas. However, you plan to celebrate this year, big or small, just remember all those that are not able to celebrate at all. In this post, I am wearing a blue pantsuit I purchased from  Asos here and here. It's an outfit I wore earlier in the fall. 

This might not be a typical holiday outfit because of the color but who cares? These days, anything and everything works; gone are the days when Christmas colors were just green, red and white and metallics. Also, a pantsuit can definitely be a holiday outfit; not just skirts and dresses alone. I really love this structured, tailored, Tuxedo Pantsuit here from J.Crew. It's a very chic style of Pantsuit to wear for the holiday. A red, cream, white or black pantsuit with the right accessories would be great to wear to any holiday party. I look forward to sharing more holiday and styling tips in the upcoming blog posts. I love you for stopping by here 😍


Blue Suit   Bag    Heels

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