Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mellow Yellow

I think I must have been bitten by the "blogging bug" cos, I just won't stop!...:) I took these pictures last week with the intention of using them in a posting then, I changed my mind when I saw that they were not looking that great. I had a hectic day at work and the temperature was unbearably hot and humid. It certainly was no day for a photo shoot. Anyway, I have changed my mind about the pictures and here they are!...lollls

                        Peeeeek a boooooooo!...:)

       Yellow blazer: Thrifted

      Gold slingback heels: Steve Madden. Bag: Random

Black sleeveless dress from Burlington Coat factory

Again, I will say the accessories made this belt: thrifted. Bracelets and ring from Burlington Coat factory

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