Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Pink Trench Coat + Plaid Pants

I have had this pink trench coat for years now and since it is light weight, I wear it mostly in the spring and fall. However, it does come in handy in the winter time too whenever I need to add a pop of color to my grey and dark colored winter wardrobe. I wore the coat recently with very good layering underneath; a black cowl neck sweater and over sized, high waist plaid pants with pink and grey colors. The pants are really extra long on me and I'm thinking of doing some DIY on the hem. I might cut off an inch or two from the hem and convert it to a belt for the waist of the pants. I'll let you know how it goes. I really plan on doing a lot of DIYs on the blog this year. I believe it is time to start expressing more of my creative side than just consuming everything. Instead of buy, buy, about I say, make, make, make....hehehe! 😁 I purchased my trench coat which is somewhat like a mackintosh from a thrift/consignment store in my neighborhood called Arc's Value Village years ago. You have heard me talk about the thrift store a lot lately on the blog and this is because I intend to live life in a more eco friendly way going forward. I made a trip to the store recently and would do a post on the items I got in my next upcoming post.

Grey Sweater + Purple Pleat Skirt

The last time I wore this purple pleat skirt on the blog was about four years ago and you can see the previous blog post here. I love the pop of color that the skirt brings to an outfit and the skirt is one of my favorites because it was designed by me. I went to the fabric store and picked the pleated fabric myself and I got all the bold bright colors I could find. There was deep red which I also made into a pleat skirt and you can see it here in this post and there was also lime green color pleat fabric that I also made into another pleat skirt and I blogged about it here. And I still have teal and black color pleat fabric at home that I haven't made into any piece yet. I am still trying to decide what style to create with them. The pleats on this skirt fabric is the very tiny knife pleats and since the fabric is a little heavy and the pleats very tight, the skirt is not flowy; just exactly what I wanted when I decided to make this skirt; a heavy pleat maxi skirt appropriate to wear in the cold weather months. And when I say make, I never really made these skirts myself; I found a seamstress and told her exactly what I wanted; three maxi pleat skirts and she had them made for me.

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