Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tropical prints Pant + lace hem top

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday. Now, don't you just love Fashion when it keeps recycling and giving back? The 80's are here ladies! "woot!-woot!!" 😆 Remember, a time when Hawaiian prints or tropical prints shirts were trending for guys? I do not really remember myself but for the sake of fashion I am going to pretend that I do...hehehe.We'll talk about our ages and the eighties in detail later in a different post 😛 So, like I said, Hawaiian and tropical prints are trending again and we are going to see the prints a lot this summer. This tropical prints pants I am wearing here is a couple of years old; it was just a random purchase I made years ago because I really liked the color of the prints. These pictures are some of my archived pictures that never made it to the blog until now.
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