Thursday, January 12, 2017

Maxi Dress + a Hat


Happy Thursday Friends; first of all, I want to say a big "Thank-you" to everyone that stops by this blog. I really appreciate your readership and support. I do not have the best pictures or the best layout and I'm tired of apologizing for my picture quality on here (which actually are taken by my kids with my iPhone camera) but I'm really amazed that other bloggers and visitors do not mind the pictures and they keep stopping by to read and leave comments. So, thank-you all so much. I really appreciate you. Blogging has nothing to do with soliciting for "likes" and "comments" but really all about the love for "Publishing and Sharing."
So, I wore this outfit to Church yesterday for our midweek bible study and you might not know it from the blurry pictures but I am layered-up like an onion. I wore a tank-top maxi black dress over a turtle neck sweater dress and wore my over the knee boots all in this one outfit (due to the freezing temperature) and also a long camel color coat that reaches down to my ankles which I took off to take these pictures 🙆  Then, I flipped on a burgundy color floppy hat for extra warmth and pop of color. Yes! I got the cold taken care of! 😂
Do you know what else I'm happy to take care of? 2017! Yes, 2017 is my year, my baby, and I'm going to take control of it and take care of it the whole year through and by this I mean that I have all things under control by the grace of God. And to take care of it, I'll be doing all I need to succeed according to God's word. I'll read my bible more, pray more and show the love of God to others. Thanks so much for reading.

                          Maxi dress: Victoriassecret (old) / Turtle neck dress layered underneath: old / Floppy hat: LOFT / Boots: Altuzarra / Shoulder bag: Jacqueline Ferrar


Thanks so much for stopping by
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