Monday, December 1, 2014

Twelfth day of Christmas Giveaway Sneak Peak.

Fragrance Tray Giveaway

 I am so excited for the month of December because it is my favorite month of the year and I would love to give a Christmas present to one reader/visitor to the blog. Like I always say, I wish I could give each visitor/reader a gift to say thank-you for stopping by here but that might be in the future. For now, only one winner would be selected to win a fragrance tray from Victorias Secret that I blogged about here in this post. When I shopped for fragrances during the summer, I got myself a tray and a second tray to give away to one visitor/reader of the blog. The tray is worth $35.00 and it is sold out right now at the Victoriassecret stores and online. However, the tray is not going to be empty. There would be a small bottle of Victorias Secret Eau So Sexy Fragrance Mist; a 2.5 fl oz bottle worth $15:00 along with the tray.

 The tray is wide enough to hold a modest collection of your fragrances and it's super cute with the pink and white stripes. You can use it to display your favorite fragrances on your bathroom vanity or on your closet shelves. You can see my own little fragrance collection in my own tray in the pictures above.

                                               Tray and Fragrance Mist pictured below

Giveaway will be posted on December 12th and will close on December 19th midnight. It is open to international readers too. All you have to do to enter the Giveaway is to be a friend of this blog; that is, join the site with the Google Friend Connect button (GFC) at the bottom right of the blog  that is captioned "Beauty's Friends." Then the next thing is to leave a comment on what you love most about Christmas. There will be more details later. Have a great week and a wonderful month of December.

                                                               Thanks so much for stopping by.

                                                                             Beauty Ojo

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