Saturday, November 3, 2012

Still very nice..

Hi beauties, the title of this post is "still very nice" but I am not referring to my outfit; I am referring to the weather. It is in the late forties today and most unusual for the state of Minnesota which can be called "Minne-snow-ta" in a fun way! Yeah this is a snowy state and in previous years, we would have been buried in heaps of snow with very cold and chilly temperatures in November. Right now, a lot of people can still do without jackets here. In Minnesota, we wear shorts in forty degrees temperature like it is right now because to us, this is pretty warm as opposed to our usual below freezing temps. In this post, I am wearing a grey fun skirt from Express with a white frilly top from Loft (I love that store; very beautiful fashion for the corporate world) I accessorized with an Aldo over sized black bag and black leather Zigisoho pumps from Designer Shoe Warehouse. My necklace is from

 My prayers go out to those victims of Storm Sandy; so much devastation in those areas. I know it can really be difficult dealing with loss of any kind especially the loss of lives. Possessions can aways be recovered butves can never be replaced. However, God can redeem any situation no matter how bad. If you are in those areas, please know that now is the best time to connect to God and hype up your faith. Do not wait for any man or government even though they'll try to do their best. God alone is the only one that can heal those wounds in the heart and lift up any spirit. His intervention in any situation is always a miracle; baffling to all humans. I continue to pray for you.

Have a wonderful weekend.
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