Friday, January 27, 2017

Velvet Clutches

While we are still talking about all things velvet this season, velvet clutches are very fun accessories to glam up any outfit for an event. I do not know how long this trend is going to last for but I really do love it. Below are some of my favorite clutches that I found online.

Favorite Velvet Clutches


Since this is a Fashion/shopping blog for the savvy fashionista, my advice to any lady that loves to follow fashion trends is that; you have to be selective on what trend you splurge on. Only invest your money in the classy pieces and items that stand the test of time and for all other trends, just pick up a piece from any store that you know that sell durable, quality items at good prices and when the trendy piece finally falls off the bandwagon, you'll not feel so bad about how much you spent to purchase the item. And then, there is the option of re-gifting if you do not want the item anymore. Happy Friday and happy shopping.


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